Change Karma

Before you get to the KQ Force, and Reiki, there is healing help available to change karma for you right now. We can change your karma now–Scroll down to the links below and empower yourself today. (Click here for real-time karma healing help.)

Festivals of India and Stellar Events:
Specific activities undertaken during stellar events are based on an observation and understanding of powerful karma-changing energy-special days. These have been enshrined in our cultural ethos as festivals of India, but these universal energies affect everyone and are not limited to any geographical region.

On these days we can change and upgrade our karmic bank balance greatly–our KQ or karma quotient gets a positive boost.

You can use this information to change your life today. Karmic Healing tips and techniques during the Festivals of India and activities during Stellar events: Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse, and procedures during these events to change karma for the better. Also: Janmashtmi,NavratriDusshera, Vijay Dashami.

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  • Use the 4 Amazing Karma Success Tips and ‘Karma Timing for Success’ Tables for improving your success scores for things done in everyday life. Access these amazing methods to change karma here.
  • Use the environmental cleansing methods to get rid of stagnant negative energies in your home and workplace. This will help to stabilize and create wealth and money energies for you. This is covered in detail in the section ‘Money Matters’. Access these environmental, wealth and financial rectification methods to change wealth karma here.
  • A specific device for environmental rectification and cleansing in the home and workplace is the patented ‘Camphor Purity Yantra.’ Learn more about this amazing device in this article.
  • Attract Positive universal energies towards yourself by these karma changing mantras. Just chanting these for a few minutes daily can radically reorganize your life. Access ‘Karma Changing Mantras’ at this page.
  • Give your savings a mega-boost using the ‘Saturday Box’ to attract more money for savings and use this money multiplier for wealth-building. Learn more about Star Light’s Saturday Box–and you can make your own too! Click to learn more about the Saturday Box.