Meet the Karma Credit Family—
good karma, bad karma and super karma

“Winning in Life” Factors

Getting good karma (or bad karma, for that matter) is a natural occurrence in our lives. We do it just as easily as we breathe–regularly, automatically, and without really thinking about it. Super karma, on the other hand takes some doing.

The word karma means simply, ‘to act’. As we undertake any activity, or ‘karma’–feeling and desiring, thinking, planning, willing, and physical actions—we create an account of positive or negative results payable or receivable. This ‘doing’ or karma part of everyone’s life is the substance of the life experience. This karmic formation is the critical factor deciding the winning or losing part of life.

Ripples of Action

The underlying basis of the karma theory is that there is a continuity of action. The effect of an action creates ongoing ripples of action-reaction and response. In turn these interact with other ripples and create more such action ripples going on and on in time. The origin, effect and movement of these action-reaction-responses are specific for each individual.

This individual karmic responsibility is stored as the balance or the Karma Quotient (KQ)of each individual. This KQ governs what is happening in a person’s life right now and what is coming up in the future–winning or losing, suffering or enjoying.

Meet the KCs

For the sake of simplicity let us refer to the types of karma generated as good karma, bad karma and super karma. The related responsibilities can be termed as accumulation of ‘Karma Credits’–‘KC’ that we collect or pay. These KCs can be of three types–positive, negative, and inactive.

Or, we could simply call them the Good KC, Bad KC, and Super KC. Each of these has a specific effect. Good and bad karma are ‘active’, while super karma is ‘inactive’. (see Karma Definitions for more details) .

A couple of questions might arise here–How does inactive karma ‘act’ and why do we call it ‘Super KC’? (More on this later, or you can go to this Reincarnation link which gives evidence of super karma.)

The KC Family

How are the KC Family generated and what do they do? Well, right now you are accessing this web page through a computer terminal, likely somewhere very far away from me. I am creating this information on my laptop sitting in the patio of my country home in New Delhi, listening to the sounds of water rippling through a stone fountain, birds calling and garden crickets humming like busy telegraph wires.

My desire to communicate this over the internet got a heightened level of inspiration with the assistance of living sounds and other elements. Together we all worked to create this event–so we all got some ‘karma result’ of doing this activity. Think of this as a good karma credit, or Good KC.

You and I are getting Good Karma right now

As you are reading this it will have some effect on your thinking and consciousness, even though that effect may first be internal and subtle. In time this internal effect would subtly influence your consciousness nudging you to act positively in some way. This ‘act’ of change of consciousness itself gives a good karma credit to you and the persons originating this. In this case, I am happy to say, you, I and the rest of the inspiration team are getting positive karma credit! If you guide someone to this website, for instance, and they are helped in some way by the information and methods given here, you will also have participated in getting more good kc for yourself.

You can get more Good KC instantly–
A Quick field trip!

If you go to this six-in-one good KC site you can help reduce world hunger by simply clicking on the appropriate button there.



By clicking on this button, you could participate in a number of generous beneficial activities including fighting hunger. For all of these activities you will get Good Karma Credits added to your karmic bank balance. You could do this now and get some more positive karma and come back to continue–all links open in another window.

So, if you went to either of the hunger sites and initiated a donation of food, you have helped another human being to receive basic life-giving sustenance. If you participated in other help activities on the six-in-one site you would also have received Good Karma Credits for that.

On the face of it these activities may appear small or insignificant in comparison to the totality of help needed. However these are all a significant level of good karmic activities.

Who gets the benefits?

First, the hunger or other help donation sites. If you clicked on the links there you helped reduce the number of hungry persons, including children, somewhere in the world. Or you helped someone somewhere to get medical and other kinds of help. (I found that you can click on these site buttons more than once during one visit and help multiple times.)

Second, the individuals or organizations that actually paid for the food and those that organized delivery of it receive a positive karmic benefit. In fact, five other categories of persons also got positive karmic benefit from your single act–

  1. those who produced, processed or grew the food,
  2. those who transported and delivered the raw and cooked food,
  3. those who cooked and prepared the food,
  4. (4)those who served the food, and finally
  5. those who had the food–by accepting and participating in receiving the generosity of others, and they also reduced their bad KC balance.

Thus, to recap–a total of six categories of people received Good KC here–

  • The food producers, growers,
  • The specific fight hunger site (or the other sections of the site) and you (who activated delivery of the food),
  • The web site sponsors and donors,
  • The transport and delivery personnel including the internet and world wide web through whom this activity became possible,
  • The food preparation and food service persons, and
  • The children who received the food.

Congratulations, you have done very well! You can similarly improve your Good KC score by participating in the other such website activities or more directly, by funding such activities. You could also ‘donate’ your action energy by volunteering your services for such causes. This is all excellent basic Good KC activity.