What is Enlightenment

Enlightenment Series – Part 1

Q: Respected Master, Is enlightenment like on a specific day one is enlightened and then one is not? How does it happen? By definition it seems that something happens to a person after which one is enlightened …

Enlightenment is not forever !! There is a state of receiving that understanding, Gyan or realization. You cannot stay in that state. All of you have experienced it, Japanese call it Satori . Its a universal connection, connection to Brahma energy and the Paramātmā energy. We have had many such instances …
You cannot be in that state on a permanent basis, but you can be in the state of Brahma conciousness ..

Enlightenment Series – Part 2

Enlightenment seems to be very strange idea that once you are enlightened, you are enlightened forever. You can always fall back into Maya. You can always get captured with the illusionary energies..
Bhagavad Gita tells us that the living entity at every moment is fighting with these illusionary energies, Struggling !! Sometimes the mode of goodness is predominant, sometimes mode of passion, sometimes the mode of ignorance and they are all fighting amongst themselves for supremacy. So enlightenment means to go beyond that state …
So the only way is what Dr Mikao Usui said Just for today, Just for now. The Enlightenment happens only in the Now .

Enlightenment Series – Part 3

Enlightenment happens only in the now !! Its only in the present moment. The moment there is past, present and Future you are out of that state of Enlightenment because then you are working with the mind. The mind is always behind, its recording device. So Enlightenment means there is no Analytic mind happening, there is only direct experiencing that is taking place ….
It is stated in Bhagavad Gita that there are 3 such stages,actually, there is Brahma, there is Paramātmā and there is Bhagwan, where you have realized the actual truth ..

Enlightenment Series – Part 4

This Non Dualistic Advaita is actually very beautifully explained by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, where he says this is the Achintya-Bheda-Abheda tattva philosophy. Inconceivably simultaneously one and different. The divine has divided himself inconceivably into many, who are separated, and at the same time there are many which are not separated, ie. his personal expansions. His personal energy is the Brahma energy. The Paramātmā energy is coming from Kṣīrodakaśāyī Vishnu. The atomic energy is also Kṣīrodakaśāyī Vishnu. The source of whom is ultimately Garbhodakaśāyī Vishnu, behind whom is Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu is dealing with Time, Matter and Elements that’s his first expansion. Then the Maha Tattva is agitated by the gaze of Vishnu and he impregnates that with Living entities, the souls. So there is a Source…
So there are many misleading philosophies. In fact at the end of it all Adi Śaṅkarācārya said ‘bhaja govindam bhaj govindam bhaj mooda mate’, the rules of grammer and test scholarships are not going to save you, forget all this scholarly study. Just worship Krishna.

Enlightenment Series – Part 5

Adi Śaṅkarācārya was an enlightened being and he had to come and give this philosophy to counter react the previous philosophy which was to negate the Vedas completely. So he tried to re-establish that.
When the animal sacrifice business happened then Budhha came to negate that.
Then Chaitanya mahaprabhu came to actually establish what is code for this age, 500 years back.
That was the time of the the entire Bhakti movement that went across the planet, even the muslims had their Darvesh and so on. Sufi movement started from Bhakti.
Guru Nanak, who is a contemporary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he received instruction from him for 3 weeks at Jagannath Puri. So there are all these things happened at the same time for a purpose..
Ultimately whoever can understand and get out of it, get out of this cycle of repetitive birth and death, he is safe, eventually. So it doesn’t really matter actually whether someone is enlightened or not, if one is following the path that is more important.
Based on how much one is aligned to the knowledge, i will act accordingly and that is actually Enlightenment ..
It is not some great dizzy state of feeling blown out of your mind that might happen..
Somebody is enlightened, good for them, its not my enlightenment.
If somebody has some knowledge, good for them, its not my knowledge.
I should be concerned about myself. I may follow the great leaders on the path as they have suggested. They also had their issues to deal with and they did.

Enlightenment Series – Part 6

Those who are to be confused, will keep getting confused.
Those who want to be critical, will continue to be critical.
But those who actually get the message and they are actually working with it, and working to change their lives they will reach somewhere much better..
What you get in life or How much of a response you get in anything you do is not dependent on anything you are doing now, it depends on your bank balance of Karma..
We can assess the veracity or the truth of the bonafides of what they are talking about and what they are doing. If everyone is now allowed to be self realized Master with his own philosophy without reference to any previous Acharyas, then that is asking for lot of difficulty. It is to be rejected actually.

Enlightenment Series – Part 7

There are four schools, and they are are all Vaishnava schools. There is Rudra, Shri, Kumara or Brahma . They are all Vaishnava schools, there is no other.
But there are philosophies which come out of Vedanta. Vedanta means the endpoint or the end conclusion of Vedas. It also means the end of knowledge because to touch the Supreme, knowledge has to stop. Analytical study, methodology, knowledge, materially based parameters cant touch the immaterial, non-material, Spiritual which is eternal. These are changeable materialistic means and you are trying to catch the eternal with it, you cant, its not possible!!
Bhakti is the next level because that is the Vedantic conclusion.
The aphorism starts with “Athato Brahma Jijnasa”, Let us now examine the absolute truth and before that it is “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”. That is the start of the Srimad-Bhagavatam which is the essence of all the Vedas.
It is only when you come to that point after going through this whole exercise that you can begin to understand what is the absolute truth. So that is Spiritual science.
These things have to be examined in the proper reference not just because somebody can mystify you, can overpower you with wonderful arguments..
The problem is, Jesus Christ found this out, people are interested more in miracles rather then actually doing the work that requires you to go back to understand what is your position..
The rule is that your teachings must be harmonious with previous teachings or previous Acharyas. you cannot reject them and say they did not know what they were talking about. I am now gong to tell you whats what, this person should be instantly rejected.

Enlightenment Series – Part 8

Q: Is Sidhi also a form of Enlightenment?
Sidhis are mystical perfections which you get along the way and if you get caught up in that then your enlightenment is delayed. You dont get there. All these Sidhis business is actually a detraction from your path. These are mystic powers that are like Magic tricks. Its a waste of time to get into those.
The idea that we want to fool the people eventually. These are cheating processes because they are like magic tricks. These are slight of hand. So Just like everybody wants to be mystified and think that mystery is something very great
If you are not going to be theatrical then there is not much demand
There are pious activities, Sukriti helping the less fortunate. But it is not the same as Spiritual

Enlightenment Series – Part 9

Spiritual means you are going to be out of these difficulties forever. This is not something that people either understand or want on a wholesale basis, because they will still work on the Karma kanda section, if at all, the demigods, the rituals, the procedures, and those are actually divisive in the sense of being exclusive. They exclude people whereas healing does not exclude anyone.
Q: .. Since we share the knowledge of Krishna, can we tell that Krishna is the source of Reiki as well?
You can state that Reiki is a Brahma energy and the source of Brahma energy is Krishna. Brahma means universal life force, this is what Krishna has explained in Bhagavad Gita, Universal life force. Reiki means universal life force. There is no difference. The quality of energy is same.
The source of Brahma energy is Brahma, Parmatama, Bhagwan, three steps, that is the final source. There are intermediary sources. All expansions of Bhagwan only..
People are wanting some relief from material problems, whoever can offer them the best, they will go there. Reiki offers certain limited amount of material relief or a lot depending on the person’s individual situation. Beyond that, you have to actually understand, the real meaning of Reiki means to be a means for you to get back to the Spiritual world. Actually get back is kind of misleading. It was not that you came down from Spiritual world because once you are in the Spiritual world you don’t come down, you were on the edge. You need to cross over the edge and go back to the Spiritual. Otherwise we are internal tourists, cycling down, going up, cycling down, going up.

Enlightenment Series – Part 10

Eventually it doesn’t matter what others believe or they don’t believe. There will be a time the energies will arrange things for you. We don’t expect that Reiki is going to be something universally embraced in the next 20-30 years, maybe 100 years. Maybe not The point is not that the point is that whoever is able to get into this and get out of this trouble. People will be inspired by different teacher and inspired by different processes.
The Symptoms are that your life becomes simpler. If your life becomes simpler then you are on right track.
Q: Should act of healing be accompanied by feeling of Love?
We have taught you methods knowing that there are going to be times wen you would not be feeling inclined, but you should do it because it is in your interest.. Love is unconditional, if it is conditional love then its something else. So Don’t worry about the Love aspect just channel healing for everything.
Q: Did the previous GrandMaster know or understand Krishna?
If you are a Reiki-2, you have a symbol which connects from the heart of the divine to the heart of the healee through you, through your heart. That is Parmatma and the translation of that symbol is that “This being is the perfect internal truth”. So of course Master Usui knew what he was talking about, He got the shloka from Atharva Veda .

Enlightenment Series – Part 11

Q: What do we mean by “Guru is One”?
Guru is one means that teaching of the Guru is coming from the Divine. Krishna says I am the source of everything Good as well as the Bad, but he is not bad. So this can get very confusing. So Guru is One means just like Sun is reflected in many bodies of water, Sun is one. But depending on the capacity of the body of water or development of the individual it flows through differently. So if you have darker water then there is a different reflection and if you have clear water there is a different reflection. So its not a matter that Guru is different, it is just that how the individual is different. Guru is one from that angle.

Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula
Karmic Healer & Initiating Spiritual Master