Cleaning up the energy environment

Cleaning up the energy environmentAfter you spruce up the physical space in preparation for receiving positive wealth energies, the next step is to do a cleansing of the energy environment. This works regardless of whether there is black magic, tantra, evil eye, bad luck or any other negativity. The causes of these may be many, but these cleansing procedures listed can reverse the negativities very significantly.
Start by making an environment for new opportunities and wealth creation by using the check-listed procedures below. For a more detailed understanding of cause and effect of negative events scroll down–or you can skip it until later.

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  1. Kick-start the process–do it with flowers!

      • Float marigold or jasmine flowers in a bowl of water and get a fragrant healing for the home or office!
      • Place dark red stem roses with a few leaves and thorns intact in a vase with water.

    • Other healing flowers–Blue and violet flowers like cornflowers and pansies; also single tuberoses, carnations.

2. Evaporate camphor – Camphor evaporated on charcoal, or as in an oil lamp or a camphor candle. Camphor fumes remove negative energies and prepare a positive environment to attract wealth energies. Try and obtain a pure camphor product or one that has some percentage of pure camphor known as ‘Borneo camphor’ (‘Bheemsaini kapoor’).

Clairvoyantly we see that with camphor fumes energies of disease and lack of wealth are destroyed.

This includes removal of the energy equivalents of bacteria, worms, parasites that take away wealth and health energies.

Evaporate camphor morning and evening. Negative energies gather strength from evening twilight onwards–so a good time to use camphor is around sunset.

A specially patented camphor purity lamp created by Nalin K. Nirula works in a specific and unusual way to cleanse the environment. More details on this device here.

3. When mopping floors add some sea-salt to the water and some oil of camphor. Salt has a great capacity to clean up negative energy, while sea salt has an even greater capacity to do this.

Where there are areas that cannot be wet-mopped, place the salt in a bowl of water on the floor. Every few days the bowl with salt and water can be exposed to a few hours of sunlight to purify it. Or, discard the salt and replace with a fresh bowl of salt and water.

4. Light a mustard oil lamp for a few hours morning and evening. This does a clean up of the aura of the environment and for peopple it cleans up the lower chakras of the body which are responsible for discharging negative energies for the individual. These energies includes those of envy, anger, hatred, frustration, helplessness and so on.

5. Ensure all wall mirrors are only on north or east walls and that they are clean. (Use a compass to make sure you have the directions clear.)

Mirrors open energy doorways from the direction opposite to what they reflect. For example a mirror on a south wall reflects (sends back/away) the directionally opposite north, and energy-wise places the north as though it is in the south.

Openings in the south and southwest are the negative karma access points and the place of death, including death of opportunities, projects, ventures, business, wealth and so on.

South east wall mirrors bring in energies of conflict, argument, dissent.

West, northwest mirrors open gateways to legal cases, ill health, loss of wealth and money through stealing and wasteful expenditure.

6. North to east mirrors access divine, healing, blessing an illumination energies and transform the opposite directions (south to south- west, to west). They also brings in positive energies.

7. Hanging a string of mango leaves over the main door entryway captures incoming negative energies.

8. Where there are excessive energies of depression, lack of incentive to act, use the triple purification of guggul, loban and harmal: burn this on hot charcoal, spreading the smoke through the house or space to be cleansed.

The guggul shrinks and removes negative energies; loban (frankincense) creates positive energies creating a seal locking out the inflow of negative; as the harmal seeds crackle on being heated, they act like grenades and explosives in the energy field driving away the negative astral energies in the environment. The effect of this this triple clean up purification lasts for about 12 hours.

This is a traditional vedic purification that works very well in homes and places of work. The best fuel to use for these methods is actually dried cow-dung cakes with ghee on it, as it burns well and itself has great purificatory qualities when used this way to cleanse the energy environment.

‘Cause and effect or effect and cause?’

  • When we look at an event we can ask what caused it–why did this happen. That which we see as an event has a prior cause. This prior cause creates the event ‘effect’.
  • In turn this effect along with other action inputs becomes the ’cause’ for the next consequent effect experienced.

Hence, the chain of effect-cause-effect continues forward in time–but at each of these points we have an opportunity to change things.

With the addition of karmic healing techniques such as Reiki and especially the KQ Force, we can also go backwards in time to re-program and clean up karmic destiny to experience changes in our life today. This is truly extraordinary.

Using information in the previous article you had the opportunity to clean up the wealth-obstruction energies that currently exist in your environment and prepare to receive benefits.

  • This is a clean up of the ‘effect’. By doing this the ground is clear for going up into the energy field or the aura-template of the wealth karma and re-programming it.
  • By creating a change in the current existing ‘effect’ result of whatever you are experiencing, you change the balance of energies.

The existing ‘effect’ along with the new changed balance of energies due to the corrective actions taken by you becomes the ’cause’ of the next future effect you are to experience.