Reiki Love and Light
From the Heart

The Rei’ki system as we know it today was rediscovered and developed in the late 1800’s in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (15 August 1865 – 9 March 1926). We celebrate the descent of Re’iki energies of Dr. Usui as on February 4, 1801 that finally appeared in the birth of Dr. Usui in 1865. We consider February 4 as the spiritual birthday of Dr. Usui, when every year very special karmic healing blessing energy manifests globally.(See article on Dr. Usui.)

The term Rei’ki translates to ‘universal life-force’ energy of the Divine Heart that sustains all living entities in the universe. The Vedic name for this is ‘Brahma’. In fact Rei’ki, or the Universal Life Force or Brahma or Soul power, are synonymous as they refer to the same energy of immortal nature that flows through all living beings. Master Mikao Usui re-discovered this energy in the early 1900’s, and found that humans could invite this energy into their lives to radically improve, change and heal their health and life situations and circumstances

Re’iki initiation is a connection to those brahminical energies that empower one to take direct action for changing one’s karma and destiny, upgrading the quality of life in every respect. It also gives one the direct experience of being loved and loving oneself. Through Rei’ki, unconditional loving energy of the Divine are available for healing all kinds of suffering and unhappiness without any sectarian or religious discrimination.

Rei’ki neither contradicts nor conflicts with any path or system of self-development by whatever name called. Countless others have experienced the same thing. We encourage everyone to receive this most powerful heart energy of the Divine and experience for themselves the mystic magical change that takes place in all activities of life and living.

Five Principles of Reiki

1. Just for Today, I will live in the attitude of gratitude 

The fundamental basis of gratitude has to do with our taking responsibility for our actions, and the consequences.
Whatever we meditate on expands by the principles of “Likes attract likes”and “energy follows desires and thoughts”.
With Rei’ki empowerment the effects are multiplied greatly and seen very quickly.

2. Just for Today, I will not fear

Fear comes from being disconnected from the universal wholeness, the divine part of ourselves, which is of the quality of Reiki, love, eternal and deathless.
When you are connected fully wth Reiki, the divine, you will experience directly the qualities of the divine including direct perceptions of your eternal higher self.
This is self-realization and with it comes the perfect sure understanding that you are fully protected through your connection with Reiki.

3. Just for Today, I will not anger

Anger is a result of false identification of self as controller, interacting with material modes of nature—goodness, passion, ignorance (sattva, raja, tamas), which are all changeable and perishable like the physical body.
Only when we are fully connected with pure spiritual goodness (shuddh sattva)—pure Reiki, that we actually realize we are not the supreme controllers, but at the same time we are also “non-perishable”.
The understanding is that you are a part of the Divine Supreme controller and you are the controlled, with a very limited positional controllership over things in your life.

4. Just for Today, I will do my work honestly

Doing your work honestly means, first of all—‘doing’! Action that is borne out of measured thinking and wisdom, not as a reactionary or reactive process.
It also means correcting all that which prevents results, starting with becoming aware of the blocks caused by ones own attitudes and behavior — especially the action of the false ego that says: “I am the doer.”.
If, having worked honestly, desired results are not there, it is Divine Will and the reasons for it will become clear in time. Therefore, a very major part of doing work honestly is to understand how Rei’ki likes to work under different circumstances, and what one should do to get results.

5. Just for Today, I will respect my parents, elders, teachers, myself and all living beings

Respect means: to give a proper appreciation to the position of superiority of a person or situation. We respect parents because they gave us this bodily vehicle and shelter through which we can realize our life’s goals and aspirations.
We respect elders, teachers because their practical experience of life, and their knowledge imparted to us can speed us on in our daily business of life. and remove ignorance and accompanying negative karma. Also when we see that all living beings have a Re’iki connection, and the Divine is within them equally, there will be respect for all, automatically, including yourself.

Enriching one’s life and meeting one’s karmic goals–spiritual and material, are not two separate things, but are to be harmonized like two wheels of a vehicle running parallel to each other, supporting each other and carrying one forward.

This is the essential confidential secret of all-round progress. There is no need for fanatical rejection of one lifestyle for the other–both spiritual and material must co-exist harmoniously, and that has been the way since ancient times.

The key point for success is the action the healer takes to actualize what has been prepared for him by the healing energy. It is a partnership process for progress.
-Master Nalin Nirula

Reiki Books

The Joy Of Reiki

A detailed understanding of these and other karmic matters see our book The Joy of Reiki. You can get this book from the The True North Healing Centre or Order from Amazon.

The Living Handbook of Reiki

A technical manual explaining chakras and their interaction with the body and significance in life situations. Methods for improving healing practice and results. You can get this book from the The True North Healing Centre