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‘The relationship between wealth and emptiness on the spiritual path…’

“Could you tell us something about the relationship between wealth and emptiness on the spiritual path?”– Bansuri Taneja


There are four subjects in this question—the spiritual path, wealth and emptiness are the obvious three. The fourth subject is the questioner.

Your journey on the spiritual path means, fundamentally, that you have the understanding that you need to be, and we trust that you are–on the way to becoming karmic-debt-free by using the empowered karmic healing techniques conveyed to you.

‘Wealth’ and ’emptiness’ may appear to be mutually exclusive, or at least in conflict with each other. This is not so for one who is on the spiritual path. Such a one is transforming his karma, ‘spiritualizing’ everything he does in his daily life. He is actually ’empty’ because he is not creating any further binding karmic reactions to be experienced in future. Any wealth and opulence that such a person has is spiritual wealth and opulence because it is binding-karma-free.

Such wealth serves to liberate the individual and as he uses it in his daily life, the wealth and activities of such a person ripple forward through many people and transactions–also liberating those touched by such interactions to some degree. For example, the act of paying such spiritualized money to a shopkeeper further liberates the salesman, the cashier, the owner, and so on, from some degree of karmic debt.

The daily activities of the person are also a form of wealth being distributed in his interactions even though they may appear to be materialistic in nature. The essence of action will have changed to the spiritual while being expressed through the mundane.

KQ or Reiki healers automatically reduce the binding karma of whomsoever they come in contact with, healing the others’ karma quotient in some measure. This is actual ’emptying’ and creation of true wealth which takes one to the zone of being free of the binding-karma syndrome–the universal malady of birth, death, old age and disease.

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Why am I not healed in 2 years of doing healing?

“Why do some pains do not get healed even after healing for a long time… what can a healer do in that case? Even after healing with the KQ-FORCE for over 2 years the pains are still there… what should I do?” —Amrit S.


Being a healer and doing healing reduces all negative karmic reactions in life over a period of time. Two years is not a very long time for healing the type of problems you have been experiencing.

As you continue to do healing the problems will reduce in the proportion that you also take other measures to change your lifestyle and internal response factors. You may also need medication or other therapies, which you should explore. Do take all support measures from your side.

Just as doing healing does not eliminate the need for food and water, similarly along with healing we must take all prudent steps for our welfare and be proactive to change things for the better in every area of our life and living.

Healing also creates opportunities for us and opens doorways to betterment that we need to walk through. Walk with the grace of the Force and you will cross over all obstacles. Blessings, love and light.

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