“Bhagavad Gita for All” Lectures

A practical guide for everyday life

Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula

Krishna & Arjun survey the battlefiled array at Kurukshetra

Bhagavad Gita For All paintings in traditional Oriya style

‘Bhagavad Gita for All’ is an ongoing lecture series by Nalin Nirula.

He is a spiritualist and karmic healer based in New Delhi, known for reversing chronic degenerative diseases, as well as conveying spiritual, destiny-changing initiations.

Here are result-oriented solutions on how to live a happy, fulfilled life without complicated methods.

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Learn how to change your Destiny with the Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is a treasure-house of practical wisdom to guide everyone in any circumstance of life.

It is not a theoretical book. Intensely practical and spoken by God Himself at the time just before a major world war was to take place, it is at the same time a survey of what life is about, as also an instruction and meditation on what is most important in life.

This is a practical handbook and guide that tells us how to find our way out of all our problems for all time to come.

Download the chapter 15 Class Handout notes (PDF)
Direct Link to BG 15.15: “I am situated in the heart of all souls as the observing and guiding Supersoul, and from Me arise the soul’s remembrance of the self, knowledge, as well as forgetfulness of both…”

Direct link to BG 15.16: “There are only two types of living beings that exist in the world—the fallible, and the infallible…”

Direct link to BG 15.17-18: “My glories are sung throughout the universe as I am transcendental to all the temporary & permanent imperishable beings, and am known as the Supreme Person—Puruṣottamaḥ.”

Direct link to BG 15.19-20: “One who knows Me thus without doubt as the Supreme Person Puruṣottama, of the eternal blissful form, such a one is the knower of everything. He therefore engages himself in rendering devotional service to Me in many ways, O son of Bharata.”