Understanding What is Karma Theory
And Winning in Life

By understanding what is karma theory, you get a brilliant blueprint for winning at everything in life. You can be in any situation in life and succeed.

“You can Win from wherever you are today, in whatever state you are today–and be whatever you design for yourself…”

Further, you do not need a specific religious, faith, or belief system in order to benefit from this.

In fact, all religious and faith based systems that work to help people in the act of living and achieving, have at their core a strong foundation built on an understanding of how individual and collective action (‘karma’) creates a reaction or response to shape events and lives.


Universal application
If for a moment we look at faith, belief and religious systems setting aside all dogma, we will find a single common thread in each. What’s left is:

  • Only an understanding of how thing work in the universe according to our actions.
  • This observation of activity, karma, and its results is uniformly observed everywhere at all times. This is karma theory, by whatever name called.

Know the Rules and Win

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You can win at everything in life today by understanding this Action- Reaction- Response- Theory (ARRT) of Karma. Working with this understanding can radically improve every area of your life. You can do this for your health, relationships, career, purpose in life, financial situation, or the fact that you may be sad, unhappy or feeling unloved, unfulfilled. All these areas in your life can benefit.

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Definitions relating to karma (opens in a new window) will give you the basic vocabulary for better understanding ARRT of Karma and its applications to your life. Going to this page will give you an understanding of what is karma theory, and karma in action over time on your body and in your life. This is proof of reincarnation through your own experience.

Nalin K. Nirula

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