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Universal ‘Karma’

The fact of ‘karma’–action-reaction (response) is an universal phenomenon, not limited to the so-called ‘hinduism’ or ‘buddhism’ religious tradition.
Karma is also the subject of scientific investigation of the physical universe.

The laws of karma are scientifically observable, definable, and their application goes from the gross material universe to the subtle, including the ‘afterlife’.

To look at this further, go here to explore Karmic Debt and the Physics of Karma.


1. ‘To act, action, activity’, whether mental, emotional, physical, internal or external, and done whether in knowledge, ignorance or casually, by chance, accident or otherwise.
2. The sum total of the accumulation of results and responses being experienced, due to be so experienced, or being created as events and situations in time, originating from individual and collective action. (Learn more about karma)

The accumulated Action-Reaction-Response balance of events and situations being experienced, due to be experienced, or being created collectively by a group of individuals with similar affiliations, or a particular community, or a country, or group of countries, originating from individual action contributing to the whole group collective balance of karma.

The condition whereby repeated cycles of rebirth are needed to experience the results of accumulated karma (the karma quotient). The syndrome presents itself with four conditions: birth, death, old age and disease. This is explored in detail in the article on reincarnation.

The sum total of balance of our karmic accumulations-the Good, Bad and Super. It also includes the totality of the three types of karma–fruiting, growing and that in seed form. Change your karma by working with the KQ Force.

The rapid acting spiritual energy that changes one’s karma to enable the individual to regain his spiritual consciousness and become free of the karma syndrome and its repeated cycles of birth and death.

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Self-awareness, “I-consciousness”. The sentient or knowing quality within oneself, such as consciousness of one’s identity—of who one is. This individual consciousness has certain qualities and exhibits specific symptoms. (This is also explored in the proof of reincarnation article.)

The accumulation of events and experiences due and activated by an individual’s decisions and actions in a particular situation through his life. The drawing upon of one’s Karma Quotient or KQ. How this affects one can be seen in the I-Consciousness article and the Karmic Debt laws (Physics of karma) article.


Karma definitions in Events and situations in Time:

1. …Currently fructifying – Being experienced at present, which arise out of past individual actions.

2. …Growing & Developing – To be experienced in future, arising out of past individual actions.
3. …Seed karma – Being created in seed form in the present to grow, develop and be experienced in future.


Karma definition List in Events and situations:in giving qualitative, quantitative and positional end-point results for accumulated actions (karma quotient).

(Go to this article to learn more about the 3 types of karma.)

1. “Karma” (Good karma): Positive benefit received, due and being created in material existence, where one receives success, pleasure, name and fame, wealth and so on. We can call this ‘good karma’. It positions us to remain in the material universe.

2. “Vikarma” (Bad karma): Negative results received, due and being created in material existence, where one receives pain,ill-health, disease, failure, lack of success, dissatisfaction. We can call this ‘bad karma’. This also positions us to remain in the material universe.

The karma and vikarma results are receivable in the material plane of existence such as we experience in our lives. Since the accumulated karma is necessarily so vast that it cannot be experienced in one limited lifetime, there is the need for a constant re-appearance or rebirth of the individual consciousness. Explore this in the proof of reincarnation article.

Karma and Vikarma are actions that are ‘binding karma’, binding the individual conscious or soul entity to constant cycles of rebirth (reincarnation). As there is constant binding karma being created during the course of living—both out of conscious deliberation and inadvertently, this is considered virtually an ‘eternal’ situation requiring endless cycles of rebirth.

3. “Akarma” (Super karma): ‘not karma’, the most significant type of action or karma. This has no binding karmic consequences—in other words this is ‘spiritual’ or liberating karma. This spiritual akarma frees one from the cycle of reincarnation and rebirth and allows the spiritual consciousness (soul) to achieve its original unchanging position in the spiritual universe that has none of the temporary and transient qualities of the material universe.

We can call this ‘super karma’. It places us in our natural non-materially bound plane of existence. This terminates material karmic consequences permanently.

To summarize the Karma definition List for Events and situations: these are of two types, each having three sub-sets–

  1. Action across Time, and
  2. Action in Quality and Results positioning the individual in cycles of material rebirth or–liberation from material rebirth and the associated karma syndrome.

The combination of action across time and the quality of action determines the individual’s destiny path or what he may experience in a lifetime.


(Go directly to article about the karma credits or 3 types of karma.)

For the sake of simplicity let us refer to the types of karma generated as good karma, bad karma and super karma. The related responsibilities and consequences can be termed as accumulation of ‘Karma Credits’ or KCs. These KCs can be of three types–positive (good), negative (bad), and inactive (super).

Positive and negative karma require balancing out in the material karma universe, and is therefore ‘binding’ to the material universal existence. From this understanding, the so-called ‘good’ karma is actually not desirable from a long-term basis as it perpetuates the ‘karma syndrome’ –birth, death, old age and disease in repeated cycles of existence.

The ‘inactive’ or Super karma has no future binding consequences and it also has the power to remove the bindings of positive and negative material karma.

In other words, Super KC removes all material karma with its painful and distressing consequences, and is therefore the most desirable type of karma to get and create.

Continuity of karmic action though time and space

Go directly to this article on Karmic Debt and the Physics of Karma.

For all these results and events a continuity of life experience is necessary.

This is because one time-bound and limited lifetime is inadequate to experience the sum total of karmic accumulations and consequences. Such a state necessarily leads to an observation and inquiry into the phenomenon of reincarnation and rebirth, and an exploration of what it means in our daily lives. It is a subject of this web-site.

The karma definition list is a summary of the detailed knowledge and understanding of the workings of events, effects and causes through time and space, and the continuity of existence. Here is an article on proof of continuity of existence and reincarnation. (Link opens new window)

This will give you a personalized understanding of karmic workings validated from your own life experience, making these karma definition items and their underlying reality easier to connect with.

Nalin K. Nirula

A practical understanding of the karma definition list as the ‘karma credit family’ is explored in detail here

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