Reincarnation – Rebirth
‘The Here and Hereafter’
Reincarnation 102

What happens after death? 'Reincarnation'?

When someone dies, we say: ‘he left us…she left her body and went…,’ and such like, implying reincarnation. We instinctively know that the essential part of the person has departed leaving behind the body which is no longer viable for supporting the consciousness, the ‘I’ factor. The unspoken understanding is that the ‘person’ who left has gone somewhere. This is an intuited understanding that there is some form of the departed consciousness ‘taking on the fleshly body again’–or, ‘re-incarnation’, ‘rebirth’.
  • As we pass through changing bodies in our lifetime, our consciousness of who we are–our self-identity does not change. We are the same conscious being as were always were although our bodily cells are changing all the time.

This unchanging I-consciousness (I-con) particle of immortality (a constant factor) has been called many things in different cultures, countries and times—anime, life force, odic force, atma, soul, spirit, eternal consciousness,and so on. We explored this in the Proof of re-incarnation article (Reincarnation 101).

Let us observe this free from pre-conceived notions and beliefs. If we do so, we can see that there is absolutely no evidence to show that when the constantly changing physical body stops functioning, the constant I-consciousness (I-con) particle would suddenly change it’s eternal nature and come to an end. For such a radical change to have happened, it would have to leave behind a great deal of evidence, or symptoms, and there simply aren’t any.

Universal experience and observation

  • The only viable conclusion based upon universal experience and observation is that, the I-consciousness continues to exist without change even in it’s many bodily changes in this lifetime.
  • Similarly the I-consciousness must continue to exist in some manner even after the physical body ends, because there are no indicators to show that it does anything else. In other words, the I-consciousness particle is immortal. To assume anything else would be pure speculation.

To summarize what we explored in the previous article:

The only universally observed and
independently verifiable evidence is—

  • The human body has a constantly changing nature, while the consciousness maintains its integrity of identity, always unchanging and steady.
  • The unchanging “I”-consciousness (I-con) identity travels through many changing bodies in this life itself.
  • All the evidence that is available demonstrates that the I-consciousness particle is immortal through many changing bodies in this lifetime.
  • When the present sequence of changing bodies comes to an end, there is no evidence that the I-consciousness particle comes to an end.
  • The mechanism of transfer of the I-consciousness particle to its next bodily form has been observed by those who can view this through a ‘clairvoyant’ or ‘psychic’ capability of vision. Independent descriptions of these events have been remarkably uniform across cultures, geographical boundaries and time.
  • “Immortality” is an unchanging factual reality of the I-consciousness particle.

Additional corroboration for these understandings is explored and presented further in this article.

* A number of dubious and downright cheating claims exist for transmitting ‘instant nirvana’ by physically generating a 12-strand DNA to replace the usual 2-strand DNA most of us have. The KQ Newsletter #11 examines the nature of Immortality and the 12 strand DNA.

Physics of matter and the I-con

Physics teaches us that matter cannot be destroyed—only changed to different states of energy and activity. We see that spiritual matter (the I-con) exhibits superior stability and constancy qualities. So we can expect that the I-con continues its activity of consciousness or awareness, even after the material changing body comes to an end. But is it actually so?

This possible continuing consciousness nature of the I-con and its transformations are the subject of further studies in this series.

Additional confirmation

In addition to this scientific evidence, we have two other methods of confirming this.

Direct personal experience is an additional confirmation (as explored in the proof of rebirth article), and authoritative expert testimony is another. If we consult experts who can envision energy flows clairvoyantly, we find our knowledge added to.

Examining historical records over time past, ranging from ancient vedic and yoga texts to the present-time clairvoyants and psychics, all of them independently report observing remarkably similar to identical states of movement of the consciousness. All the findings agree—that the animating “I” consciousness continues its existence after the physical body stops functioning. In a similar vein, the material science experts agree that matter transforms to different states, and nothing is actually ever destroyed.

Modern and historical corroboration

The energy and karmic healers Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula reported their clairvoyant findings and karmic healing methods in their books, starting with their 1996 book The Joy of Reiki

In it they also described universal energy principles governing karma, while their Living Handbook of Reiki gave detailed information on the energy flows impacting the human body and life situation activities. The Nirulas have developed an empowered karmic healing system, the KQ Force healing system, that goes deep to heal life situations across the board.

Dr. Barbara Brennan, a physicist and NASA scientist discovered her clairvoyant and healing talents in the 1980’s and accurately described the human energy flows and ‘auras’ in her 1988 book Hands of Light

Another respected physicist, Fritjof Capra, has been exploring the quantum and metaphysical nature of the universe and consciousness for over thirty years with a deep understanding of karma. His 1975 book, the Tao of Physics is a remarkable and thought-provoking book even today, challenging conventional thinking. Going back further, to around 1934 the Russian scientist couple Kirlian developed their system of being able to photograph the energy fields of living things. Surprisingly, while experimenting with plants they found that even hours after leaves had been cut off the plant, the photographs showed that a complete energy imprint of the leaves still remained.

Independent confirmation of findings

The Nirula, Brennan, Capra and Kirlian works, independently corroborate each others’ findings while being strikingly similar to the vedic, yoga and Buddhist texts and teaching about energy fields, auras and the conscious element.

Many other recent and modern healers and teachers have come to similar conclusions. These include Dr. Hahnemann (founder of homoepathy), Dr.Mikao Usui (founder of the Reiki system of healing as it is known today), and Dr. Deepak Chopra in his wellness seminars. Others who present these universal truths within a formal (religious) system of practise include and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his Art of Living movement, and A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami in his Hare Krishna movement.

Reincarnation Concept in Present and Historical Civilizations

Advanced ancient cultures and civilizations developed around the observations and a highly developed understanding of karma and a methodology aimed at maximizing karmic benefits. These latter teachings date back to records more than six thousand years old and still command a great influence on the modern descendants of ancient civilizations worldwide.

In all of these diverse and varied exploration, the reincarnation factor is an essential central factor, as continuity of karma in time is meaningless without there being a continuity of repeated existence, or reincarnation. That is a lot of history and tradition behind this understanding or belief.

Current modern civilizations and cultures embody these understandings and knowledge-based beliefs in modern India, Egypt, Israel, Nepal, South-east Asia, and to a limited extent in the modern Christian religious tradition.

These traditions cannot be lightly ignored because they have endured over time, and persisted despite attempts to dismiss reincarnation concepts as fanciful imagination. This may also be because each of us have personal feelings or experience and knowledge of reincarnation, and faith arising out of experience is very strong.

You too have this experience and knowledge of reincarnation from your own life experience although you may be unaware of this. If you need to refresh your personal understanding of your immortality in a scientific way, you can do so directly through two articles– as in Proof of Re-incarnation and, Karmic Debt (The Physics of Karma).

Compare your own experience

Coming back to the present here and now—If you re-examine your own experience in the light of this discussion, you would directly connect with the reality that you will continue to exist for all time. You would begin to understand you are an eternal, spiritual being moving through changing bodies in the river of time.

The only thing that goes with you in your eternal spiritual journey is your bank balance of karma, your recorded history, to be experienced and drawn upon in this and another cycle of existence. This will be explored thoroughly in additional articles with corroborating evidence.

Reincarnation—the Ultimate Mother of all Disease

Reincarnation is a disease condition.

This is because the eternal consciousness is at ‘dis-ease’, being bound to traumatic and repetitive cycles of changing bodies within this lifetime and thereafter.

It is a diseased state, because the nature of the I-consciousness is so very different from the deteriorating material nature that houses it. In its current state, the I-consciousness is stuck endlessly in repetitive cycles of birth-death—rebirth-disease-old age. This is an unnatural state for the eternal I-con.

We call this condition the 'karma syndrome'.

The karma syndrome has has four faces of suffering—birth, death, old age and disease. That which is born must die, and that which dies must be re-born because matter can never be destroyed, only transformed.

In between birth and death there is the richness of human experience in all its wonderful variety and flavors. There is also the troublesome matter of disease and old age.

Disease is not limited just to the body but also to our unfulfilled desires, aspirations, goals, financial and career issues, relationships and so on.

In some form or another, everyone everywhere is busy trying to overcome the discomfort or shortfall of each of these four aspects of life–birth, death, old age, disease. In fact we can see everyone engaged in trying to better these aspects of life.

In other words, people are trying to balance out or be free of the karma syndrome—whether they realize this or not.

Experts over time everywhere agree that in order to be free of the material existence disease, one must understand how karma works and use specific tools getting and using special empowerments and methods.

It is for the purpose of helping you to improve your life deeply that we present this knowledge to you here on

We shall also be looking at the transformations undertaken by the immortal I-consciousness particle.

Can we win life after life?

In addition to understanding how to win in this life, is there a strategy for winning life after life?

Is there a viable and effective solution to the karma syndrome? To repeated rebirths and reincarnation?

Is it permanent? Together, we shall explore all these questions here at