Karma Changing Mantras

‘Mantra’ means: ‘that which protects the mind’. From the sanskrit–Man= ‘mind’, tra= ‘to protect from injury and harm.’

Done regularly, these karma changing mantras will be very successful at helping you shift from where you are today. These mantras require only few minutes of time daily, and the results are noticeable immediately to very soon thereafter.

Jump-start your positivity filled day

Repeat this karma changing mantra loudly, at least twice a day, a few minutes at a time.

Start in the morning, preferably in front of a mirror. It helps if you sing out this mantra, and also smile while chanting this. Even an artificial smile helps!

The mantra is:

“Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”

After chanting this for a few minutes, or a few times, you can chant a second karma changing mantra based on this one that fits your specific need.

For example you can chant: “Every day in every way, I am getting wealthier and wealthier.” The word ‘wealth’ includes money, assets, wealth of knowledge, appreciation, helpful relationships, and so on. You can also substitute a specific phrase in the last part of the karma changing mantra, such as: “…richer and richer”; “…more and more successful at_____(fill in)”.

Important note–Please keep it as short as possible so that you can easily recall and repeat it!

John Lennon reprised these karma changing mantras in his song ‘Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)’–“Every day in every way, It’s getting better and better”.

More details about this are at the First Law of Karma.

The Immortal Consciousness Mantra

This is a very powerful sound vibration to connect you to an infinite source of spiritually empowering energies. This mantra is based on the understanding that there is the eternal and essentially joyous I-consciousness (I-con) particle within each of us. Essentially this is what we refer to as ‘me’ or ‘I’–that self which is not changing even while the body changes throughout life.

The immortality qualities of this eternal self particle are naturally present in the source of the I-con. Our experience even in the material universe is that the source is greater or superior in some way than what it generates. It is the same for the source of the I-con.

Eternal being and constancy are an essential nature of divinity, whether in ourselves or the superior source divine.

Knowledge, observation and experiment based (vedic) scientific views all agree that there exists an unlimited superpowerful Superself, superior to the individual limited I-con self. This knowledge also states that a portion of this immortal superconscious travels with the I-con.

The Resident Immortals
Even if there is some doubt about this, you can understand that the individual I-con is a purely spiritual, unchanging immortal. This is what we refer to when we we refer to ourselves as ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘myself’. That the superior Superself has chosen to be with us, is a wonderful reality to connect with.

Whatever have been our successes, failures or shortcomings does not prevent the Superself from being resident with us throughout our bodily travels.

No matter how badly we ourselves or the world may judge us, and no matter what bodily state we may be in, the Superself never gives up on us. The Superself is ever present to guide, encourage and help us at every turn–if only we are willing to receive the greater joyous loving divine radiance.

Basis of the Mantra
This mantra is a humble acknowledgment of the superior greatness resident within each of us. It is an appreciation and acknowledgment that if the loving Superself (and the I-con) have chosen to be with us always, we cannot be reduced or even so bad–we have value. We are valued by the divine Superself.

Hence we have two resources of value internally–two resident immortals. One, the lesser and the other infinitely greater, but both with the same qualities. So with the following mantra, you can connect with your individual I-con immortal and get to know it’s divine nature. Or you can connect with the great compassionate divine Superself immortal–the source of the I-con.

By connecting to your great resident immortals with these karma changing mantras, your consciousness and life would be changed, healed, uplifted.


The Immortal Consciousness Mantra
“Om Namah-stuteh”

An alternate chant for this mantra is:
“I bow down down to the immortal divine within you.”

These karma changing mantras may be chanted as he first thing in the morning even while in bed. It is very helpful to kneel forward in bed with head forward and down while chanting this mantra. Bowing the head down in this position while chanting expels the blocks to life changing karma energies. (It would be useful to open the window of the bedroom for a while after this to refresh the room’s energies.)

  • The mantras can be repeated for a few minutes every day keeping the understanding of this mantra in focus.
  • The ‘I’ referred to can be either the divine immortal I, or the ego-I or thinking-I. So you are addressing the immortal aspect of yourself in this case. If you connect with the Superself immortal divine, that is also fine.
  • The ‘you’ refers to the bodily you which you mostly identify with–who you see in a mirror.
  • The word ‘Om’ is a universal sound vibration of great power and strength. Here is an article about this sound.
  • With these mantras you are making very powerful connections that will re-establish the flow of karma changing energies in your life. They will re-orient your centers of focus and allow you to access life changing energies, and open doorways that were previously not available or not open.

This readies you for the next part of preparing the ground to change your karma.


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