Reiki & KQ Spiritual Empowerment

“We Can Change Your Karma Today–
Are You willing to take the Responsibility?”

Power Up with Super Karma –
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The participants are then taught how to channel and work with these special spiritual empowerment energies to heal, improve and change their lives, and those they come in contact with. These attunements are done with the energies of the Karma Quotient (KQ) Force and Reiki.

Reiki and the KQ Force Combine practical and spiritual benefits in a radical way

  • The Karmic Healing empowerment and teachings give the ability and capability to change and modify current and future conditions of life in every sphere of activity.
  • The ultimate goal of these karmic healing empowerments is to become binding-karma-free in order to attain one’s pure spiritual existence. In other words, as a primary goal–to be free of the cycle of birth death old age and disease–the karma syndrome disease.
  • What is being sought to be achieved through various religious and other self-developmental methods is immediately available through these spiritual empowerment seminars along with a phenomenal improvement in one’s material life. The best thing is that none of this conflicts or contradicts any system of self-development or religious process.

Change Your Karma Today

KQ Force Seminar

The KQ Force is a karmic healing empowerment that requires initiation by the Healing Master Nalin Nirula , or an initiate in his lineage.

  • This special KQ technique is exclusive to the founding Master of this method–Nalin Nirula, who rediscovered and developed the KQ Force healing techniques over many years.
  • This method of Karmic healing works with directly empowering 19 chakra points of the body, including the navel chakra, kundalini chakra and 3 levels of crown chakras.
  • This initiation creates a radical, rapid karmic healing capability of a quality not experienced by any other method the Masters Nirula have personally explored and experienced–secular, religious or spiritual.
  • The KQ Force energy originates from the Crown chakra energy of the Supreme Divine Source of all sources.
  • There are 3 levels of the KQ Force initiations are available–KQ Basic, KQ Advanced (these two together are the Primary Level); KQ Quantum. 

More about the KQ Force here.

Reiki Seminar
The Reiki Seminars as taught by Nalin K. Nirula involve result-oriented practical teachings that get the results if practised the way taught. This is the experience of thousands worldwide who have been connected to Reiki by the Master.

The word ‘Reiki’ is Japanese for ‘spirit like universal flowing energy’ or spiritual life-force energy. (“Rei”-universal, “ki”-life-force energy). This is a special healing empowerment discovered about 200 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki works directly with the 4 upper chakras of the body–the Crown, third eye, throat and heart. The Healing Masters have identified this as the heart energy of the Supreme Divine.

Four levels of Reiki attunements are available upto the Reiki Master level: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 (also known as Reiki 3-A), and Reiki Master. The Reiki-1 is generally available to all applicants. Other levels are by invitation and based on an assessment of the student’s progress.

Healing the Future Seminar
This seminar initiates the students into harnessing the karmic healing capacities of their inherent spiritual nature by accessing their kundalini-shakti and 3rd eye energies.

Using the methods taught students can work with their third-eye, kundalini and crown chakra energies to re-write their karmic records stored in the 108 chakras of their spine. Doing this will also help the participant to have greater awareness of events and people’s motivations around them.


  • Theory and Application of Karma Principles
  • Motivations and Managing Life Situations
  • Anti-Tantra (anti-‘black magic’)
  • Business Healing
  • Crystals
  • Pyramids
  • Karmic Land Healing, Vaastu, Feng Shui

Results depend upon personal practice of the individual and inherited karmic factors. All participation is subject solely to the terms and conditions as set out by the seminar organizers and which may change from time to time according to circumstances.


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