Super Karma - The Liberator

Super Karma can finish all karmic debts
Good deeds, good karma (sukriti, pious activity), lead towards super, or spiritual karma that liberate from all material distress. Where the super-karma option is not taken, the sukriti binds one to the rebirth system and the necessity of appearing again and again in the material zone. To get the real benefit of pious activity one needs an initiation empowerment into this super-karma zone. You too can get empowered with a high level super-karma connection–the KQ Force. This can shift your life radically. You can do it in this very lifetime.

Religious practice, KQ Force and Super Karma liberate us
Religious practice embodies some of the highest ideals and universal truths meant to elevate and liberate the consciousness and life of man. This is our understanding and experience. We personally underwent a period of 12 years of renunciation and dedicated religious-spiritual practice in the Sanatan Dharma system, developing to the extent of receiving Brahmin spiritual initiation.

Teachings and empowerment in Sanatan Dharma system

The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita embody a very high level of spiritual and material understandings taught by the Supreme Divine Himself on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This (religious) system is centered around super karma empowerment and understanding.

  • The goal of super karma methods is to free one from the necessity of reincarnating repeatedly, and to free one from the material diseases of the karma syndrome–birth, old age, disease and death.

We have the greatest of respect and regard for all our spiritual masters and teachers. They gave us shelter at a time when we were burning in the fire and heartache of material existence. We pray never to forget this. Our instructing and initiating masters gave us a great deal of personal attention and instruction during this time of our trials and tribulations.

It is only because of their grace that we graduated to the level where we got connected to the loving heart energies of the Divine through the super karma method of Reiki.

  • We added to, developed and refined the techniques expanding the original framework of the Reiki methods to generate a unique methodology for rapid and sustainable results.
  • Later we directly received the knowledge and empowerment of the KQ Force as an outcome of our spiritual practices over this and previous lifetimes.

Our Mission

  • The only way we can repay our debt to our Masters and Teachers is to progress and propagate the unconditional super karma systems of Reiki and the KQ Force and similar for the benefit of all humanity.
  • This is our only mission in this 6th lifetime here in the course of the past 5,000 years.

We have very closely and deeply observed at first hand the major religious systems of the world. Our observations of the differences between the effects of various religious systems and the KQ Force are meant to educate and inform only.

  • Scroll down below this table for topics including: Good deeds or good karma are not enough; This is your ‘next life’; Ending the ‘endless’ reincarnation experience; Getting a Super Karma Connection.

Workings of the KQ Force and Religious Systems

KQ Force and Super K

  • KQ Force activity changes and heals all areas of life and living rapidly.
  • KQ Force karma-changing and healing results are widely repeatable, reliable and verifiable with consistency.
  • No pre-conditions of self-purification required before KQ super karma initiation.
  • Self-purificatory procedures are not compulsory. Initiates naturally follow a self-purificatory process at their individual pace.
  • As KQ Force initiates get life-changing results they also experience evidence of their spiritual evolution while progressing in worldly life. May become impatient looking for faster result-responses without changing their own position to be in harmony with their changed karma.
  • KQ Initiates develop self-worth and an understanding of their true position and relationship in the universe. From time to time may develop a false ego in modes of goodness, passion and ignorance that is resolved to develop into a positional ego as an instrument of the Divine. Develops an ‘I am so very fortunate’ attitude–if it develops as superiority over the other, the KQ Force directly and rapidly rectifies this to the gratitude attitude.
  • No fanaticism or cultist reforming fervor, only a measured demonstration of the strengths of the KQ Force by healing, changing and empowering their own lives and helping others similarly.
  • False ego position slows spiritual progress but does not halt or destroy it as ‘Offense’ is rectifiable relatively rapidly with KQ.
  • Liberation from karmic bindings and reincarnation is widely achievable within the current lifetime with the KQ Force, while simultaneously reducing the negative and maximizing the positive experiences in life.
  • The KQ Force and Reiki methods are unrestrictive and compatible with all religious systems and self-developmental practices–they do not bar anyone on the grounds of birth, caste, color, creed, region, faith, gender.

Religious System and Super K.

  • Religious spiritual activity generally may not immediately change or heal any but the most critical life situation conditions.
  • Religious practice results for changing one’s immediate karma are not widely repeatable nor verifiable reliably nor consistently.
  • Pre-conditions requiring following of preliminary cleansing practices prior to receiving religious system super karma initiation.
  • Self-purificatory procedures are difficult. Initiate’s failure to follow develops lack of self-worth, helplessness, frustration.
  • Religious initiates may commonly become disheartened, depressed and frustrated at the lack of change in their worldly condition, leading to rejection of society in general and great lack of self-worth.
  • Religious Initiates may commonly develop a lack of self-worth and an ego-position of apparent humility or superiority to others. May frequently develop a false ego position in the modes of goodness, passion or ignorance that resolves into an egoistic position of being holier-than-the-other instrument of the Divine.
  • Religionists may have reforming fervor to the extent of violence, fanaticism, cultism or forcing one’s views on others–knowing what is good for everyone.
  • False ego position slows, halts or destroys spiritual progress (‘Offense’). Offense takes a relatively long time to rectify even if there is effort at repentance and reform.
  • Liberation is achievable, but not widely, in the current lifetime of following a particular religio-spiritual path. Negatives are reduced and some positive experiences in life increased.
  • Religious systems may be restrictive, and may not permit other self-developmental methods to be used concurrently with their own system and teachings.

Super or Spiritual Karma relieves and heals

Spiritual action is that which liberates one from the necessity of recycling through the material universe lifetime after lifetime to experience the consequences of one’s actions.

Proof that we do do this and ‘reincarnate’ is available to each one of us through our own experience. To clarify your understanding you can read this proof of reincarnation article, take this short fun Are You Immortal? Tickle Quiz.

Good deeds or good karma are not enough

Doing good develops a bank balance of positive karma that has a limited life, just like the cells in our constantly changing (‘reincarnating’ in this life!) body.

When the karma for this body finishes, we still have bank balances of positive and negative karma. We carry over the remainder for another life. This next life came from your previous life along with unfinished business of karmic reactions and karmic debts to be collected and karmic debts to be paid.

This is your ‘next life’
If you want to know where you were in your previous lifetime then all you have to do is to see where you are today. Your experiences and situations today are an outcome of your past actions mixed with how you are acting in the present–what choices you exercise. This is also called ‘Destiny’.

Similarly by our actions today we plant the seeds for future results. These have the quality of our actions and generate consequences accordingly.

Changing the course of Destiny with Super (Spiritual) Karma
Super karma can change the course of the results that are due to be experienced or are currently being experienced in a way not possible by pious activity, philanthropic activity or good karma alone.

This is because in the course of ‘good’ karma we are creating a debt to be collected by us in future. If we do not collect in this lifetime then we need to come back again in an appropriate body to balance this account. It is the same for bad karma. So, rebirth, reincarnation continues lifetime after lifetime, endlessly.

  • Super karma interferes with this mechanism radically, modifying, reducing and eliminating karmic bank balances, the karma quotients of individuals.

Ending the ‘endless’ reincarnation experience
The good karma accumulation gives one the opportunity to create spiritual or super karma that liberates one from future consequences of one’s actions and the associated pains of the karma syndrome.

Religious systems put together the deep knowledge of the spiritual, the divine and material in a system that can be followed by society at large. This knowledge of universal truths are in the context of a particular culture, time and place and this then becomes the dogma of that religious practice.

Religion and Super Karma
An important part of religious practice is to connect the followers to a Super Karma source for their benefit.

However, not everyone is interested in following the practices of a particular religion they may be ‘born’ into culturally, or any other similar system because they recognize the common problems inherent to practices in all such systems. Some observations of these conditions have been tabulated in ‘Workings of the KQ Force and Religious Systems’.

Getting a Super Karma Connection
The KQ Force system is truly non-sectarian and unconditional. It can help you spiritually and materially. More information on the karma changing seminars we conduct is available here. To find a certified KQ teacher near you go here.

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