Who is Guru?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Over the past weeks I have been getting feedback about certain statements being made by Master  Nirula that are confusing the Reiki and KQ students. It has also been reported that  Nirula has banned those students visiting her from reading our blog.

After due deliberations in the interest of clarity and for the benefit of the students, I have decided that it is time to state clearly the position of  Nirula and the healer students in their relationship to me, and the karmic consequences of their actions.

  • One of the things that have been reported to me through a number of sources is, that,  Nirula has stated that I was not present in some of the attunement processes physically, and the inference is that therefore the students are not connected to me in any way, but rather are her students. This is a serious charge indeed, and one which is completely false and it is to be rejected for the a number of reasons that will follow.

Here, I shall address this specific issue only.

Who is Guru?


It is not disputed that ?

Nirula is my student, being initiated as a Reiki Master by me. It is admitted that my student ?

Nirula has all along been acting as a ‘Ritvik’ officiating master or ‘officiating functionary/ priest’ in the Vedic and Vaishnava tradition on my behalf during the attunement processes for Reiki and the KQ Force initiation of students.

Nirula has herself has stated publicly and widely on a regular basis in the past to students in my presence that she has been acting in the seminars under my direction. This is undisputed and widely known. In effect, she acknowledges having initiated students under my direction and limited power of attorney to her for those purposes.

The KQ Force energy appeared through me in full externally manifest form in the year 2001 on January 8, at the Mahakumbh at Prayag (Allahbad). In 2004 at the Ujjain Kumbh I received the final mystic empowerment to convey the KQ Force energies going forward to students. The KQ Force seminar technicalities and format were developed with the assistance of  Nirula, and subsequently conveyed to students through Seminars.

The Guru Consideration
Nirula has a revocable power of attorney as officiating guru which now stands revoked

I assert that the students initiated by Nirula in her limited position of officiating master under my revocable power of attorney and sanction, are my students directly, and that she has been acting under a limited revocable power of attorney as a ‘ritvik master’ or ‘officiating ritvik guru’ only.


When the one who is acting under a power of atttorney presumes to act as the principal, assuming all rights and responsibilities forcibly, propogating that the principal (myself in this case) is irrelevant or uninvolved, such a proposal is patently wrong, illegal and fraudulent. The power to grant and rescind such authority always lies with the giver of the power of attorney and is not irrevocable.

Students initiated in person by me or under my power of attorney by Nirula are given an opportunity to clarify their doubts, if any, with me directly in the gathering of the healer family in any Thursday Healers Assembly, or privately with me.

  • We experienced a similar situation in our years in ISKCON where the ‘Ritvik acharya controversy and confusion’ created much disturbance in the devotees because they were so misled by individuals. A parallel situation has taken place here. (A link at the end of this page gives more detailed information about the ISKCON ritvik guru confusion for those interested to learn more about this.)


In consideration of that stated above, and after due deliberation and consulting previous authorities on this subject in our Vaishnava, Vedic and Healing lineage, I, Nalin Nirula, empowered Reiki Sensei and vessel of the KQ Force manifestation inform and direct our students as follows:

  1. Whereas  has systematically sought to undermine my authority and position as spiritual master, portraying a false position about her and myself to my students, she is declared as having fallen down from our lineage and factually moved away from our presence, no longer being considered a bonafide spiritual master in our lineage.
  2. We further note that her activities continue to be detrimental to the best interests of the students by her actions and false statements keeping the students in confusion about their identity and relationship with ourself, and that she has deliberately and knowingly misrepresented the facts of these matters to them.
  3. Our Power of Attorney given to  Nirula as our officiating Ritvik representative is withdrawn, rescinded and stands cancelled as of Thursday August 13, 2015, on which day  Nirula displayed herself as an unlawful fallen guru, by her aggressive actions against us personally, and against the welfare of our students.
  4. As  Nirula has no formal official standing as our officiating ritivik representative, she is no longer authorized to initiate students on our behalf, nor permitted to give guidance to our students.
  5. For her grave offenses against us, her spiritual master,  Nirula shall be liable to receive rectifying karmic consequences in various degrees of severity, as shall those who continue to support her cause and collaborate with her.
  6. Among those who have been actively colluding, collaborating, supporting each other against myself and our students’ welfare, are these principal  people: Renoo Nirula, Divvya Nirula, Pradeep Mathur, Nandini Mathur, Harish Bhatia,  Ayub Khan, Aarti Vasa Chaurey, Minakshi Dayal. These named persons are hereby declared as being dis-avowed, and our mutual spiritual and karmic contracts terminated forthwith, and these named are no longer considered our students in good standing, and no longer under the protection of the Light forces of Reiki and the KQ Force.
  7. Students are advised in their best interest to disassociate themselves from Renoo Nirula and the named persons in para 6, by November 10, 2015, from which date they shall otherwise be liable to face rectificatory consequences for guru-apraadh, against which Renoo Nirula is in no position to offer any protection to any student, regardless of what she may claim.
  8. Any such karmic reactions arising out of students’ individual actions remain their own responsibility thereafter, and we remain neutral and take no part in initiating in any such reactions coming to them.
  9. We declare that such students continuing their association with Renoo Nirula will no longer be our responsibility in any way or form, karmicly or spiritually. They will be considered as having fallen away from the path of the light. We pray that they quickly find their way back to the light in this, or some other lifetime under the care of a genuine spiritual master before the justice system of the universe holds them to rectificatory punishing karmic reactions.
  10. After November 10, 2015, where we have not heard from, or not had any communication to the effect from students regarding their status with us, such students will be considered ex-students . In such cases our personal responsibility account with them shall stand closed and terminated as stated. The students who are already associating with us and visiting the Center regularly are considered to be our students in good standing.
  11. Reactions of offense against the spiritual master may be sought to be rectified and neutralized through a representation so made as detailed in the Amnesty Clause in para 12 below.

Amnesty Offer

12.  By November 10, 2015, students who have disavowed association with Renoo Nirula and the other 9 named persons, as noted in para 7, must either inform us in person, or by e-mail, and also affirm their positive action by re-establishing their relationship and regular physical presence at our Center as permitted by geographical factors.

  • Doing this through distance healing methods will also have positive results—provided the students follow our directions as given in para 7 and personally re-start or increase their association with us at the Center, particularly the Thursday Healers’ Assembly.

We—Reiki, the KQ Force and I, also entrust our students in good standing to inform other students who are known to them and may not have read this Notification. It will be an important service to us that this message be widely communicated to the student community.

With Blessings, love and light, and a clear thinking mind, wisdom, and progress for all,

We remain always your well-wisher
Given under our hand and seal on Thursday, October 29, 2015, at New Delhi

Nalin Nirula
Karmic Healer & Initiating Spiritual Master