Enlightenment Question

“I request You to guide me to attain ENLIGHTENMENT in the shortest time possible by Your mercy.
Please tell me what does a KQ-Basic Healer need to do to progress on the path to become enlightened–Amrit”


‘En-lightenment’ is to be illuminated with a state of knowledge that makes for bliss

Your KQ Karmic healing connection is the shortest and most direct way to enlightenment and freedom.

Other than this type of karmic healing, there are no shortcuts to freedom from karmic bindings. Attaining a state of being illuminated with knowledge is not some spaced out condition of consciousness, but it is a high state of realization about doing whatever is needed to keep healing our karma with the spiritual empowerments that we have.

  • In this state of knowing or “enlightenment”, it does not mean that I shall experience no troubles in my life, but rather that in all troubles I shall keep my connection with the Divine grace active.
  • If you have this understanding then you are enlightened already. You are blessed because you have a spiritually empowering connection to the Divine. True bliss arises from this deep illuminating knowledge.
  • Get on with healing your life instead of waiting for some unknown or speculative idea about an en-lightenment state. There is is no waiting for a better tomorrow. There is only action in knowledge in the now. This illuminates and make blissful all tomorrows making them better and freeing you from karmic bindings (karmic debt) and the repeated cycles of birth, death, old age, disease.

Blessings, love and light,

The Masters Nirula