Special Conversations

with Nalin Nirula

Special Seminars & Conversations on the occasion of KQ Celebrations, March 19.

(Advanced knowledge)

Special Conversations – KQ Weekend – Day 1

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1. KQ Weekend – Separation from the Spiritual Master

Finding the spiritual master. Separation from the master by the death of the body does not mean separation from the energy of healing.


2. Forcing Spirituality; Essential Source Of Reiki Knowledge

Teachings from the Gita; analysis of Reiki as the impersonal brhama (spiritual energy) descending from Vasudev Krishna to Radharani and then to Lakshmi-devi to expand in our lives to heal it. Reiki as karma-yoga. Healers experience detachment from results as they become mature in their healing practice; connecting with the healing for the sake of the connection to Krishna to do His work.


3. The Healers’ Community – Healing results expectations

Associating with the healing community is a great support system and help for all. Discussing healing expectations and results; asking for healing in ‘the best interest’. Making notes is a distractions in general and takes away attentiveness and hence the possibility of meaningful realization. Regularly engaging in such seminars and conversations gives a steady understanding.


4. Consulting other sources; Detachment

Consulting non-bonafide sources on spiritual matters is dangerous to ones spiritual progress. Their offensive statements are an obstruction on the path as they disturb and deviate ones understanding.

Being a scholar without spiritual qualification, and then speculatively commenting on spiritual subjects bringing them down to a materialistic understanding is demonic.

Such atheistic and demonic sources are to be rejected immediately, regardless of popular sentiment.

Detachment comes automatically as we do our healing–it is the ghostly echoes of other people’s concerns that vibrate in us, artificially creating some attachment.


5. forcing Spirituality; Essential Source of Reiki Knowledge

We can’t force family members to follow our spiritual path the same way as we do. They must be ready to receive and only then will they understand and follow. A healer’s presence will act subtly on them.

Knowledge about the Source of Reiki is essential for those who have worked sufficiently long with the energy, or else they may get deviated from the path. In the beginning stages of working with Reiki this information in not necessary, but becomes necessary as one advances spiritually. One must know that Krishna is the source of Reiki & the KQ Force, and one can only do this through a spiritual connection and a structured study of the Bhagavad Gita.

(Also–Energy exchange between people).


6. Revelation about Krishna connection; the Soul & Ego

Knowledge about Krishna as the Source of Reiki is given in greater detail when one is ready to receive this knowledge.

In the beginning one is begging for favors from demigods, Reiki–anyone who can give me some benefit.

Then after receiving benefits one is attached to Reiki, but when more benefits require you to change by taking responsibility, instead of that one may drop out of the Reiki healing process.

Knowledge of the source strengthens our commitment to the Reiki healing process and action in Krishna consciousness.

Special Conversations – KQ Weekend – Day 2

7. Tackling problems, Being With The Light

The second day of the KQ weekend – Sharing experiences of life with the healing energies of the KQ Force and Reiki. Being with the Light illuminates intelligence guiding us to karma-consequence-free action.