Dr. Mikao Usui’s​

On this most auspicious Appearance Day of Dr. Mikao Usui’s we give thanks to the great soul who gave the world a simple key to the inner and Divine hearts.

He gave us a direct connection to the loving, healing heart energies of the Supreme Divine, the energies known as Reiki, and gave us access to the universal spiritual life force within and outside.


Dr. Usui appeared in bodily form in Japan on 15 August 1865 and remained until 9 March 1926. It is no coincidence that August 15 is also celebrated as the Independence Day of India. Dr. Usui’s energies of Reiki healing descended on the planet on February 4, 1801, and we celebrate this day as his Energy appearance day or ‘energy birthday’ to commemorate the healing movement that began as ‘Reiki’–the Universal Life Force Energy healing method.

“Rei’= Universal  “Ki” (or Chi)= Life Force

Long before events materialize, the pattern for the events appear in the energy field of all things and beings relating to those events.

The ability to change these patterns and events significantly (but not unlimitedly), at any distance from them in time or space in the energy field before they manifest, is what creates the miraculous-appearing karma-changing capabilities of healers.

This healing capability has been available in healers and spiritualists in every culture, and is possible through the universal life force (brahminical) energy of Reiki coming as an empowerment through Divine Grace, conveyed by a Reiki Master.

The 4th of February is a special place of grace in time and space. This is the day when the energies of Doctor Mikao Usui appear and permit all empowered healers to heal with greatly increased potency to change karmic patterns for themselves and others.

This appearance day of Master Usui’s energies are a greatly increased healing blessing that flow through the universe, and are therefore of special significance for all healers. We celebrate this day the descent of unconditional liberating Divine Grace descending through Master Usui, and give humble thanks for these life-changing, protecting and healing blessings coming to us all.

Nalin Nirula

Master Mikao Usui & Reiki come from the Supreme Source of all Sources

There is no difference between the Reiki heart energies and the loving unconditional energies of Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna–the universal life force or Reiki. *

Both are pushing the conditioned soul towards their eternal spiritual home. They also engage the connected souls in the direct service of the Supreme Divine by healing materially binding karma for themselves and others who are the deliverers of their karmic consequences.

Dr. Mikao Usui is present always in his energy form with the healing energies of Reiki, wherever there are empowered Reiki healers.

On this day we take the opportunity to accept blessings where the healing we do is multiplied thousands of times by the grace of Master Usui and Reiki.

Master Mikao Usui gave us the empowerment to be free of binding karma and consequently, the interminable cycles of birth and death. He has given Reiki channels the ability to cross over the infinite ocean of birth and death and suffering as easily as though this ocean were water gathered in the hoof-print of a calf.

We may also consider this special energy birthday of Dr. Mikao Usui’s as also being all Reiki channels’ birthday, for his touch gave them a new birth, a new life through his empowered confidential servants–the Reiki Masters.

All the very best, and Happy Birthday to us all as well!

Nalin Nirula

* In BG 10.22  Sri Krishna says “…in living beings I am the (universal) life-force consciousness.”

Earlier Message from the Masters on Dr. Usui’s Appearance Day, 2013

Reiki’s Special Grace

FLOWING FROM THE DIVINE SOURCE OF REIKI Through Dr. Mikao Usui In the Presence of His Light Being and The Healing Master Nalin Nirula on 4th February

Dear Reiki Channels and all other healers,

As we embark on another year of healing, let’s live in an attitude of complete gratitude and allow ourselves to be the worthy recipients of the light for now and forever.

Just as all the Masters in the lineage attained enlightenment, not one accomplished this without relying on the Master – it is only through devotion and devotion alone that one will realize the absolute truth.

As we connect through our lineage to Dr.Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Hiromi Takata, Phyllis Lee Furomoto, David Jarrell, Harjit Lamba and all the others, we follow the greatest wisdom tradition of healing through the heart.

This path of the heart is devotion. There is only one way of being in the light and that is to follow an authentic spiritual Master who helps to heal this and all lifetimes and takes you across the oceans of material nature.

We bless you today to be rooted in repeated clarity of direction, respect for the Masters, and the heart link with Reiki forever and an inner awakening to continue on the healing path.

Generate confidence, appreciate your parents, teachers, elders and yourself, do your work honestly, free yourself from fear and anger, and enjoy the attitude of gratitude as you heal. Be receptive and open to the blessings – opening to complete spiritual transformation.

Live and heal in the presence of the Masters from moment to moment.

Transmissions from the Masters heart are taking place connected to the perfect splendour of the universe.

We love you all.

Enjoy the healing work.

Nalin Nirula