Spirals of Time

Publishing from June 25, 2010
‘Spirals of Time–Memoirs of a time traveler’.

These are the life journeys of of Nalin K. Nirula exploring different universes of consciousness. Episodes will be published periodically.

Sound of the Universe – The first of a series from ‘Spirals of Time’, memoirs of a time traveler.

“The 23rd summer of my life was a major transition period. Events made me aware of rare mystical rhythms that had remained hidden from me for a long time.


“I had recently returned to New Delhi from the USA having graduated from the Cornell Hotel School. The wintry breath of lake Cayuga and the sub-zero wind-chill of the sun-deprived college campus at Ithaca, New York were very far away…

“…Political unrest was simmering, and Jai Prakash Narain was developing his Bihar movement of civil disobedience. Unknown to us, the next year would bring on the black ‘national emergency’ on 25th June 1975 that suspended all civil liberties…But wewere already living in a constant state of ’emergency’ ahead of the country….”

–published on June 25, 2010–the 35th anniversary of the ‘Indian Emergency’.