Questions About Krishna Aaradhana and Karmic Healing

‘Bhagavad Gita for All’ is an ongoing lecture series by Nalin Nirula.

He is a spiritualist and karmic healer based in New Delhi, known for reversing chronic degenerative diseases, as well as conveying spiritual, destiny-changing initiations.

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Editor’s note: The answers given by Master Nirula are presented as a series of Q & A’s as they were replied to, in the same order as in the the original correspondence. Some typographical errors have been corrected, with the minimum of formatting and editorial comments needed for better readability for those who may be unfamiliar with some of the referenced aspects of this subject, given the level of knowledge the student already has. The entire correspondence is replicated essentially as is.


Student: “Who is divine? Krishna or Shiv-ji? Harer namaiv kevalam…Is what we practice as healers a step before one starts chanting harinaam or after? Where do we stand as healers? What is the difference between Krishna Aaradhana and our healing practice? “

Nalin K. Nirula: In reference to your key questions regarding Krishna araadhna and our practices of healing–

  • Fundamentally, everything we do is aimed at going back to Godhead to serve Krishna.

The partial quotation you mention is from the Brhan-naradiya Puraṇa [38.126], and the complete shloka is:

Harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasti-eva nasti-eva nasti-eva gatir anyatha

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu quoted this while instructing his devotee Prakashananda. (As described in Krishna das Kaviraj’s Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila, 17.21).

It means that, “chanting the Divine holy name of He who liberates from all karmic bindings is the only way in kali-yuga (this age and time) to progress on the path of redemption, of liberation from the binding consequences of karma.”

The 3 time repeated emphasis is on chanting the “name of Hari, ‘He who defeats all obstacles, and liberates from all sorrows and binding consequences of actions’ (karma).”

There is also a triple emphasis on “there is no other way to progress, to move”. There being no ‘gati’ or pace or movement means being tied down by ‘binding consequences of karma’ that force us to remain in the material zone of existence.

  • It also indicates that only a ‘Hari’ level of spiritual empowerment can finally release us from these bindings.
  • At the very minimum level you need the Vishnu level empowerment such as you receive in the 3rd symbol given at Reiki 2. Vishnu means ‘the Divine who is present at the center of every atom in the Universe’.
  • All other entities of lesser responsibility and dispensation—Lord Shiva, Sri Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh Lord Brahma, and others do not fit this definition or identification (of Supreme Divine–Ed.).

There are many ways of Krishna Aaradhana (to serve & please the Lord)

  • There is no injunction that there is only one specific name of Hari that can be chanted.

As the Divine is infinite and infinitely unlimited, so are His names and powers. He can appear in any form He chooses, and He chooses as well to appear as Reiki—the universal life-force energy, and the Karma Quotient or KQ Force—the energy that liberates one from all balances of binding consequence of karma. It is of the highest importance to know this, remember this and act in this consciousness.

The symbols of these healing modalities are the Liberating light, energy and sound forms of spiritual (divine) connecting links that join us to special specific purpose oriented karma liberating energies of Krishna, Hari, and His hidden heart energies—of ‘Aradhite’—‘The one who serves and pleases Krishna the best of all’ –or, Radharani.

We do not promote this as a Krishna Aaradhana system, as in the general public mind and understanding He is restricted or limited to so-called Hinduism and followers of Hinduism.

It is higher knowledge to understand that these energies come from
Krishna Himself but knowledge of this is not necessary to actually activate the liberating aspect of Divine energies.

  • You also have the ‘Kleem’ sound and symbol (at the 3rd eye chakra) that is the seed mantra for developing love for Krishna—the seed mantra for kaam gayatri which will free you from all mental speculations.
  • While the healing energies are free of personal designation, but without being impersonal, and while they are originating from Krishna and Radharani, an ‘energy’ nomenclature is non-threatening to people’s beliefs and faiths, and is noncontroversial in that sense.

Even the sound energy of the mahamantra is an ‘energy’ of similar nature.

Hence we refer to the specific karma healing energies we use as healing energies of Reiki and the Karma Quotient Force, as these were the nomenclatures given to this method of accessing Hari-naam energies by the re-discoverers of these energies— Master Usui for Reiki and the Masters Nirula (us—Nalin Nirula & Renoo Nirula) for the KQ Force, respectively.

  • Both these energies (Reiki & the KQ Force) remove the balance of our binding consequence karma –the karma quotient. Healing means to be ‘whole; and ‘complete’ and we can only be that when we are in our original state of wholeness, of wellness with ourselves and the the Divine, within ourselves.
  • Divine energies are infinite and limitless and we connect first with those essential one that progress us to our objective of becoming free of karmic consequences, and returning to our spiritual home. As we become more whole and complete, in the process our life becomes pain-free, happy and joyous, inspiring us to do more.
  • All that we do in healing practices are service to Krishna. We assist in liberating other nittya-badh (eternally bound) souls from the cycle of birth death old age and disease by healing ourselves and channeling healing to others.

The 'Big Mridangam'

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada often said that writing about transcendental topics was the ‘Big Mridangam’ compared to the mridangam played at kirtans and harinaam chanting.

This is because the writings, the books and articles in the service of Krishna stay even after the author has long gone, creating the sound vibrations that open the heart and mind to the truth and ones highest purpose of life. Hence the ‘big mridangam’.

We trust these writing will be as a ‘Big Mridangam’ for all our healers, and those seeking freedom from pain, whether bodily or financial.

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Link to Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math article on Krishna’s Search for His lost servant. (Nalin K. Nirula received his Brahmin initiation from Sri Bhakti Sindar Govinda Maharaj, President of the Math.)

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