The Karma Credits
More Good Luck /Bad Luck

Getting more good luck or bad luck (or any luck!) is a matter of understanding that luck is another name for karma. Good fortune or bad fortune are results of previous accumulations of our actions. This bank balance of action karma credits is the luck following us through time.

  • You can change your karma and create more good luck for yourself. You can use these methods detailed on our website and also get special empowerments for this.

Action results continue over time
Many days or months or years from the time I write and upload this, someone may access this information–long after my act of writing and putting this up on the ‘web is over. Where someone is helped, this is more good luck and good karma activity!

This is a continuity of action on my part, and fresh action on the other person’s part.

If that person acts on the information and knowledge given here it would change their life in some way. If I am still in the material universe, for this I would be getting more good luck accumulations across time and space.

So you can see that action set into motion long ago is still serving up results in the present and will do the same in future if this information ripple continues to be available at that time in this form.

Karma on the Cosmic Internet

The same way the world wide web serves you through the internet for whatever you may be searching, your Karma works through the universe to find you and deliver the accumulated results of your karmic history.

Think of that karmic history or record as the ‘browser’ history in the cache of your computer. Your every click is recorded somewhere. For instance, websites that you visit give you computer information codes (cookies) that tell that site you were here before and track your browsing history. This information may be used by the websites to deliver some content to you based on your browsing movements.

You make your karma and destiny, but changing destiny needs extra help

This is exactly how the karma system delivers you the available options and opportunities of action based on your past history (karmic record). The system then lets you decide what option to take. This is ‘luck’ or destiny (accumulated karmic balance) and your next action adds to the balance and creates destiny.

  • Good karma creates more good luck accumulations for a better destiny. Similarly, so does ‘bad’ karma also generate ‘bad luck’.
  • Karmic destiny is difficult to change especially the destiny that is fructifying in the present. However, with advanced karmic healing techniques and special karmic healing methods and devices, this type of karma can be changed and healed very significantly.

Our KQ Empowerment Seminars, and the healing devices we create do that for you in a radical way. You get more good luck and good destiny this way, while reducing/eliminating the negative.

Your Karma Credits & your Karmic Records

Depending on what is the payment required for the action you finally choose, you will use up good or bad karma credits (KC) from your Karma Quotient, the balance of your three types of karmic accounts—good KC, bad KC and super KC. (More about super KC later.) Coming from this action, you will also create more future karma credits receivable and payable. (The karmic accountants work real hard at record keeping!)

At some time in future these karma credits receivable and payable will come back to meet you again through different people and different situations.

 And the Good and Bad Karma Credits will say to you—”Hey! Hello! Surprised to see us? It’s only us—the KC Twins—your old buddies, from the KC family that you created so very long ago. We’re back but in different shape since it’s been a long time since we met! Try and recognize us, old friend. We are only here to deliver to you all the different colors and flavors coming from your actions made long ago and far away.”

Know the Rules to Win in the Karma System

If we don’t know the basic rules that govern the Karma Credit game, nor what are the long-term effects of the KC family and how to deal with these ‘old friends’, we shall continue to wander helplessly through life being guided by chance, and luck.

This will continue endlessly and we shall muddle along helplessly the best we can. Like Hamlet, we too will muse about our fate and life, bearing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune somehow, and wonder fruitlessly about life after death and what else might we experience in that state. Muddling along, looking for more good luck we end up creating more entanglements instead.

Well, we don’t have to wonder too much because we get an idea from what happens in our current life. There is a continuity and similarity. If you haven’t looked at the proof of reincarnation article yet, you can go there now and connect with this understanding from your own life experience.

“The Good doesn’t stay while the Bad linger on…”
Today, when we meet the Karma family and the KCs, the more good luck or positive KC twin does not stay long enough, while the unwanted negative karma twin lingers on–an unwanted guest thrust upon us.

Is this not your experience? Well, this will continue until we do acknowledge these close relatives and their origins. We need to understand what to do to keep the good KC friends and distance the others. The good news is that acknowledging this is the first step to being able to resolve the situation.

The Hidden Karmic Debt
Essentially, our Karma Credit family is actually in reality a large karmic debt–whether we are aware of it or not. This mass karmic ‘credit-card’ activity of individual accumulation and spending of karma credits is the primary engine driving the Universe. Balancing of these karmic debts is the fundamental purpose driving the universe, life and living.

Whenever you have questioned why unwanted things have happened to you without your apparently doing anything to attract them–the answer is: your hidden karmic debt. Delivered to you by the cosmic karma courier service. Clearly, credit card debt is troublesome in this life as well as the next!

In the same way, whenever you get some unexpected gain, you may think it is more good luck, but it is the same hidden karmic debt that someone else is paying back and you are collecting. If you are drawing on your good karma credit balance you may only be reducing your good karma balance. However, if you cross over to taking more than your due, then you are creating a debt for yourself, to be paid for at some time in the future.

It is the same for drawing on your negative or bad karma balance–you use up due negative karma or create more of it. Of course, it is better to get more good luck than bad, but both types are binding karma.

The Really Important Questions to ask
The critical questions here are—

  • How do we know when our account is used up on that specific activity?
  • How can we avoid creating more binding karma—especially bad karma that is likely come and hit us when we least expect it
  • How can we enhance our good karma and get out of karmic debt?
  • Is there a way to permanently finish this karmic indebtedness?

Your Many Lives and,
your Books of Karma

Seeing this, we may question in frustration whether the universe is run by accountants then? Well, with regards to karma action in life, it would seem so!

However, we will explore an understanding of our karmic records and books of karma further on in this series.

Create some good karma credits instantly!

By giving regular donations for hunger relief, medical aid, literacy you not only help others, but also improve yourself in many ways. Donating of your wealth or work (karmic) energies creates space to receive more, and also helps being detached and a willingness to share one’s good fortune.

You can add some more good luck and Good KC to your KC balance by helping donate food for relief at the Hunger Site–

By clicking on the Next link below you can learn more about karmic debt and how to become karmic-debt-free.