Physics of the
"I"- consciousness (I-con) Universe

Destiny & Consciousness
“It is universal experience that the personal consciousness identity–the ‘I’-consciousness (I-con) remains constant, while the body is constantly changing cell by cell over time. This is evidence for immortality.” (From Article: Proof of Reincarnation)

In other words, as the consciousness particle or the “I-consciousness” (I-con) travels through time and space, it takes on fresh bodies– reincarnating to fulfill its natural mission.

  • The mission is to balance out the accumulation of its karmic reactions that are attached to the I-con. These go to make up a storehouse of karma which will be experienced by the I-con through its travels in the universe across time and space.

Destiny is the sum of our actions (karma)

  • One can call this store of latent karmic experiences as one’s destiny, karma, karmic bank balance, or the karma quotient (KQ).
  • Think of these as your 3 types ‘karma credits’–good, bad or ‘super’ (spiritual) karma.
  • Super karma is the one that resolves all the problems the I-con experiences–particularly the karma syndrome disease of birth, death, old age and disease–mental, physical, emotional, karmic and spiritual.

The Destiny Debt Trap–‘karma’, a perpetual debt system
As we go through life acting and reacting to situations, a cosmic computer records and tallies our positive, negative and spiritual actions. Thus the individual I-con continues to rack up karma debits and credits in the act of life and living, and for this the I-con has to either pay or collect in the future.

Whether the I-con pays or collects in the immediate future or distant future, the system keeps the I-con in the material universe transferring it from body to body–until the karmic debts are paid off and karmic credits collected. This is reincarnation.

End Karmic Debt and Binding-consequence Destiny
Clearly as karmic credits and debits (good-bad) keep one tied to repeated cycles of birth and death and the associated problems of this recurring state–the karma syndrome disease, one looks for a solution or treatment for this condition.

The Solution
The treatment and solutions over the ages include religious-spiritual practices, philanthropic activities and so on. Over time all experts agree that only special spiritual empowerment that connects one to a simultaneous co-existing destiny-destroying and destiny-enhancing energy that liberates one from material disease of reincarnation is highly desirable.

  • This apparently contradictory state is available where negative karma is reduced/deleted/re-programmed while the positive is enhanced. Karma is made non-binding-to-reincarnation.
  • At the same time positive karma is enhanced and converted to non-binding-to-reincarnation karma (super karma action).
  • The karma debt trap can be ended by ‘super karma’–spiritual karma.
  • The fastest, most painless solution to the karma syndrome today is the KQ Force empowerment as taught by the Masters Nirula.

This empowerment is now available through the KQ Healing Master Nalin Nirula at New Delhi. (Register for a Spiritual Empowerment Seminar.)

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