Knowledge Guidance

Eating_Cure What The Eating Cure Seminar is all about The seminar consists of scientific and research based presentations about the origins and causes of food


India Defense A Discovery Channel Special Video on the Maroon Berets Paratroopers Special Forces Healing affirmation for India Defense September 29, 2016 In the


Shradh Audio playlist below (downloadable)(Discussions on the “Days of the Dead”) 2017 Shraadh – September 5 through 19 Go to current dates for Shradh at

What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment Enlightenment Series – Part 1 Q: Respected Master, Is enlightenment like on a specific day one is enlightened and then one is

Saturday Box

Building Wealth With theSaturday Box The Saturday Boxcomes complete with special energization, and wealth attracting seed money. Choice of seed money in Indian Rupees or

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