“Vaastu Healing for Your Life”

“Re-aligning the energy flows into our lives–our bodies as well as the physical spaces we live and work in, changes our destiny and what we can get out of life…

“The body is a ‘vaastu’–a dwelling place for the soul, the consciousness, and a house is the vaastu dwelling place for the body.

“Both types of houses can be healed, harmonized and energized for maximum benefits and achievements, using the sciences of vaastu and karmic healing.”

  • Mr. Nalin Nirula offer a unique Vaastu consultancy service based on this ancient science of the energy of spaces.
  • Using his knowledge along with special scientific instruments, Nalin Nirula checks directional, planetary and various elemental energy flows.
  • His years of experience helps create highly effective and efficient energy designs for new constructions, and also healing and rectification for existing spaces, with minimum of re-building or re-construction.
  • The aim of the vaastu healings and rectifications is to remove energy obstacles in one’s health and wealth progress, and to attract and gain positive energy and benefits in all of one’s life’s activities.

Activate and unlock destiny potential, and create new positive destiny for yourself with vaastu healing

The Science of Vaastu
& its Basis

The science of ‘vaastu’ or the place of dwelling, has it’s origins in the recognition of natural elemental and energy flows that come from the different geographical directions.

Vastu studies the effect of specific combinations of the elements that are the basic building blocks of matter. The elements have specific qualities that define their own nature, and their combined vibrations are seen to affect those that come in contact with such spaces, whether in a building or in a larger area of land or country.

  • This observation is the origin of the science of vastu that focuses on geo-directions and natural qualities of the elements, seeking to define the functions of spaces optimally in a dwelling unit according to their compatibility with natural elemental and directional energy flows. Vaastu vibrations of land or a building affect one’s life in the promotion or reduction of one’s ability to achieve success in one’s activities and life goals.
  • When people are experiencing misfortune in their lives, they may turn to the science of vastu and be horrified to discover that where they live or work is a disaster according to the science of vastu. If there is an inability to move away from that space or to change the vaastu of it, this creates more fear, depression and hopelessness, further paralyzing one’s progress.
  • The most permanent living space, vastu asset that you have, is your body that you have for this life. Managing the vaastu considerations of your body through the science of empowered energy healing overrides any vaastu of the other places you may live or work in from time to time, no matter how vaastu imperfect they might be.
  • However, the energies of physical spaces have great impact on one’s thinking, working and hence actions, which go up to make ones manifest destiny.
  • Ideally, one should re-organize the energy systems in all the physical forms–the home and workplace, as well as the body.
  • In this way, there is greater efficiency of healing the karmic bank balance stored by the land and the body that interactively create and deliver a particualr karmic destiny. Combined healing for both gets faster and more stable results.
  • You can perfectly heal the Vaastu of your life by working with the life-changing, destiny-changing empowerments of Reiki and the KQ Force, because they change your vibratory rate beyond the material elements to change your karmic destiny level before you may be able to activate the physical vaastu changes.
  • We get daily evidence of this from the lives of those who are so connected and who have changed their vibratory rate in this way.

'Vaastu Grid'
'Timing & Direction' Downloads

Download printable PDF of the Vastu Purusha Space Grid and make cards for yourself and friends as a handy reference. One side gives a residence building construction protocol, the other side gives a general layout of spaces and their uses.

Print out both sides of each page on one sheet pf paper, getting back-to-back aligned handy information on Vaastu.

Right Click on the image below and ‘save file as…’

Note: This information is a guideline only and a qualified Vaastu expert should be consulted for designing and rectification of buildings.

For additional healing of work using knowledge of the time factor–click on the watch image below. 

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Right Click on the image or right click here to download handy printable ‘Timing for Success’ Tables in PDF format.

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