Karma Success Tips

4 Amazing Karma Success Tips –
Timing and Direction

Karma Success Tips - Timing For Success

Traditional wisdom informs us that activities done at certain times of the day give good or bad results due to overriding universal influences. Our observations confirm this.

Just as behind the clocking of time there is a mechanism that ‘moves time’, this is so also in the timing of events in everyday life. There are energies working to move time and events and ancient vedic knowledge has tracked this. We give here practical karma success tips for navigating these energy-significant periods of times so as to maximize positive end-results in daily activities while avoiding the negative.

Four Karma Success Tips

Among factors for these four tips, there are three negatives to be avoided: Rahu-kaalam, Yamagundam and Shoolam.

One positive aspect, Gulika, is to be preferred for timing activities wherever possible. Shoolam is geo-direction specific, while the other three are a specified 90 minute per day period each.

Our research shows that all times to be considered are local specified standard time (clock time) of the country or area. Local sunrise time has no influence on this timing standard. Calculations made according to local sunrise times will give incorrect results and these karma success tips for success will not give the proper results.

  1. Gulika (blossoming time): Any activity in this period has positive, good and growth-oriented results;gives happiness.
  2. Rahu-kaalam (time of the snake, or Dragon’s Head): Any activity or journey away (short or long distance) started during this time is bound to meet a significant degree of failure, lack of success or postponement. To Counteract Rahu kaalam:
    • Avoid commencing important, money-related or travel activities, during this time.
    • Leave your current location or have your meeting, or start your activity earlier than or after the Rahu Kaalam period.
  3. Yamagandam (death time): Any activity commenced during this time invites the ‘death’ of the work orenergies relating to that work. To Counteract Yamagandam:
    • Avoid commencing important, money-related or travel activities, during this time.
    • Leave your current location or have your meeting, or start your activity earlier than or after the Yamagandam time.
  4. Shoolam (piercing direction): Travel from area of residence or where one has stayed the night, heading in the shoolam direction creates a piercing and flowing away of personal energy in all areas of life and activities. To Counteract Shoolam:
    • Avoid all journeys heading towards this direction that day (‘Day’ is calculated from sunrise to next sunrise.)
    • Direction means, within 15 degrees of the compass-direction. If the day’s first journey-destination within the city is in the shoolam direction, then first go to a destination at least 3 kilometers in a different direction, stop there and purchase something. Spend a few minutes there, before resuming your journey in the shoolam direction.
    • If going out of town–the minimum rectification would be to go to a non-shoolam destination first as described in the above paragraph. The preferred option is to leave the place of residence one day earlier, staying overnight a minimum of 3 kilometers away in a direction other than the shoolam for the day of travel.
    • For example if you need to travel north on wednesday (shoolam direction of the day), then commence journey on tuesday, heading in a different direction and stay in that direction overnight. Direction means, within 15 degrees of the direction; in this example, the north, north-east, and north-west would be affected by shoolam.

In this compass image on the right, the two orange marking lines show the Shoolam 15 degrees west of north which is upto north-west. Similarly, 15 degrees east of north or the north-east is also Shoolam in our example.

Verify the 4 Amazing Karma Success Tips from your experience
You can verify the workings of these karma success tips easily by checking event timings and direction of travel for yourself or others.

Check the past few days’ activities done where success or failure of events took place with these Timing and Directions Tables.

You will find an amazing co-relation.

Testimonials for the 4 Karma Success Tips and Tables

“This timings is really a great help to my business. Now whenever I call my customers for pending payment during gulika time I always get a positive result staight away. Before this I would call at other times and mostly get delayed payment. Thanks a lot!”–Rajiv Bansal, New Delhi.

“Awesome! Really really works! I’m giving this to all my friends!” –Kavita, Manchester, U.K.

“Sir, I am tracking this for my failures and success in work and things I want done and it is quite accurate. Only problem is that I don’t remember to use it as often as I should.” — Neeraj Srivastava, Gurgaon.

“I don’t understand how this works but it is giving good results. Can you give more methods?”–Kuldeep Singh, Chandigarh.

“In the South, people are following this quite a bit, especially for bank work and finance dealings. This is working for success in other things also.” —K. Swaminathan, Bangalore.