The Black Tantra Disease

“We can think of the Black Tantra Disease when benefits in life which are about to fructify suddenly vanish frequently or repeatedly. Of course this need not always be the reason. The good news is that whatever be the cause, the karmic healing modalities of Reiki and the KQ Force can help resolve these and other issues in your life.”

In any culture, black magic, voodoo, hex, jadoo-tona, are all terms that invoke fear and anxiety and a certain unpleasant unclean air about what they represent, which is magical supernatural black arts meant to harm one.

given in the box below is your first line of defense against the Black Disease–sound vibrations that help counteract t’ntra–Special Anti-Tantra Mantras.

This is not a complete cure for serious onslaughts of tantra, and other healing methodologies are needed like Reiki and the KQ Force; however this is a good place to start.

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Anti-Taantra Mantras

These sound vibrations are effective to counter all types of negative situations, and are a first line of defence against the inability to act positively in one’s best interest.

The following mantras may be chanted to heal and counter black magic (black t’ntra), fear, depression, anxiety, and obstacles in progress.

In very difficult situations, one may know how one should act but is unable to do so for many reasons, or, one may be in a hopeless, helpless paralyzed condition, seeing no way out from under the onslaught of negative karma.

These mantras help to quickly restore balance and clear one’s decision-making capability, allowing one to act positively for one’s benefit.

Other healing measures and guidance as detailed on our website (Change Karma!’, “Guidance”, “Special Seminars & Conversations”), can be used together with these and other mantras.

The words and language of the mantras are forms of an universal energy signature and address to locate, invoke and access specific healing and protecting vibrations.

This series of sound sequences are a non-sectarian, and these mantras may be chanted by anyone for their protection and benefit.

A: ‘Kali Chidi’ – Chant 21 or 108 times – or more (click the player button to hear audio sample) – Right click on this link and ‘save as...’ to download to your device.

Mantra to dissipate the black energies of depression, despair and black tuntra and to create good fortune:

Kali Chidi, Ud Chidi, Kala Khana Kha/

Krishan Ji Ki Meher Se, Bigde Kaam Bana, Dhan Sampatti Badha

(Meaning: “Black bird! Fly away bird! Eat the black energy and food here (and fly away). Through the grace of Sri Krishna, mend all my spoiled works and karma, increase my wealth and opulence.”)

* * * * *
B: ‘Behri behri behri’ – Chant 21 times – or (click the player button to hear audio sample) – Right click on this link and ‘save as...’ to download to your device.

This mantra invokes the highest healing, anti-tantric and Divine powers for blessing and healing, combating fear and depression, and for deflecting back and away malefic tantric attacks.

Behri Behri Behri, Beher Har Jag Samaye, Jaadu-Tona Sab Rad Ho Jaaye/
Jaakar Usi Par Palat Kar Jaaye (Uske Bhaag Mein)/
La Elahi il Allah, Mohammadur Rasool Ullah/
Bhairon Ji Ki Agya, Shivji Ka Prakash, Aur Devi Kali Ki Kripa

‘Black Magic’

In common usage, the word ‘tantra’ is interchangeably used with the term ‘black magic’ or ‘voodoo’. Tantric methods are actually a scientific process meant for the liberation of the individual from ignorance and rebirth and meant for one’s spiritual enlightenment.

For example, the Buddhist religious tradition is noted in their books of tantric practices, as are the vedic (Hindu) religious-spiritual techniques and traditions. For example the vedic marriage ceremony is properly called ‘vivaah tantra’. In itself, there is nothing bad or evil about the “T” word.

  • The misuse of mystical or esoteric tantric practices to take away the karmic wealth of an individual is ‘black tantra’ and an evil practice. It scope of action ranges from assault and robbery with violence, escalating to the level of murder.
  • Black tantra is a man-made disease aimed at taking away a person’s rightful share for personal profit and gain. In time, this perverted usage of mystical scientific methods attracts rectifying and punishing reactions to the practitioners and beneficiaries of these evil black arts. In the meanwhile the disease can destroy the affected person’s life.

This insidious disease can be healed decisively only through spiritual ‘good or white tantra’ methods that are more powerful than the black tantric effects. Reiki and the KQ Force are two such spiritual healing modalities that effectively counter and cure the black tantra disease.

These two methods do not involve taking the laws of justice into one’s hand, and do not involve vengeance against the practitioners.

Black T’ntra and the Law
Seeing the success of others can be a stimulus to do better. It can also become a cause for dissatisfaction and envy. Where there is extreme greed and jealousy over others’ success, we see that certain type of people are driven to seek the services of black tantric methods to take away from others their rightful share.

  • Many years ago we came across such conditions. We rejected the idea that tantra in that form existed, or if it did, that it could have devastating affects on one’s life. We considered tantra to be ‘unscientific’– a fanciful excuse for lack of achievements. We thought that if a person had made honest efforts to achieve things in their life, nothing could take away from this.

Of course, this was a state of innocent ignorance!

We learnt that there are always real-time options that people exercise that affect and change one’s destiny. Using methods like black magic for quick gains with minimum of effort is one such option that has far-reaching consequences for all involved in it—whether at the receiving or giving end.

It is the same as a quick gain by robbing others. It comes with a false guarantee that because the methods are subtle and there is very little evidence of wrong-doing that can be presented in a court of law, that one can get away with it.

The Law of Karma catches up!
Nothing could be further away from the truth. Those that invoke and use such methods create a terrible destiny of extreme pain and suffering for themselves. Their limited understanding of the law of karma and their envious greed blinds them.

  • The best protection against such evil methods is the protective shield of karmic healing.
  • We have closely observed over the years that such a healing protection is so powerful that it sends back to the evil-doers severely punishing consequences in this lifetime itself, what to speak of the coming horrible and punishing consequences for them in the future.

The descent of karma
One’s karmic results and manifest destiny appear in life in the form of a decision-making process initially. The energy for this descends from the crown or sahasra chakra to the ajna, the 3rd eye knowledge chakra.

It is no coincidence that these energy points correspond to the pineal and pituitary glands in the body, which are the master controlling glands, directing the functioning of critical biochemical and metabolic activity of the body.

The negative influence of the art of black tantra, or black magic, focuses on subverting the functioning of the chakras, such that the karmic consequence energy descending to an individual is diverted to someone else, or, for some other purpose.

All tantric methods—the good as well as the bad, are sophisticated procedures of manipulating subtle karmic energies.

  • Black tantra in effect, transfers another’s rightful good fortune energy to someone else. In the eyes of the universal justice system, this is a most vicious form of violence and banditry that calls for extreme punishment to the evil-doers. However, this is cold comfort for those who are suffering from this disease of being under tantric attack.
  • The black tantra disease is recognizable by certain signs and symptoms. There are 5 main procedures that the tantric employs to steal one’s karmic fortune and damage one’s life progress. These are—
  1. influencing one to be subservient to and favorable to the one who steals one’s fortune (a procedure called ‘mohanam’);
  2. influencing one to lose interest in and give up one’s purpose of life activity,(a procedure called ‘ucchattanam’);
  3. influencing one so that all efforts to progress meet with closed doors and blank walls—imminent results vanish suddenly, (a procedure called ‘sthamban’–bringing to a halt);
  4. influencing one so that while working hard for achievement one is only going round in circles (a procedure called ‘keelan’–tying to a stake in the ground); and
  5. finally, the death (‘Maaran’) of all progress and activity, to the extent of bodily death.
  • Countering black tantra with black tantric methods is very dangerous. The most perfect karma-free cure for this black tantra disease are the karmic healing methods of Reiki and the KQ Force.

Action of the Black Tantra Disease and its treatment
The five main actions of the black tantra disease can be recognized by accompanying conditions. Some of these mimic states that are a natural outcome of one’s destiny pattern or are frequently encountered conditions and therefore, much like a tuberculosis bacillus or a virus of a chameleon nature such as the HIV, hide undetected for long while taking away the rightful energy of the bodily cells weakening and eventually destroying the host body.

The manufactured black tantra disease works best through the male members of a family. This is because men do not have a major karma storage and holding capacity unlike women, who store and hold on to karmic energy in the womb chakras.

Thus it is easier to extract the karmic energy from the aura of men than women. Interestingly, this is also the reason that for the practice of serious tantric activities, the involvement of females is essential in the rituals conducted by male tantrics for storing and generating energy in the female partner through sexual activity.

Where the tantric intention is to keep extracting the good fortune energy from the victim over time, the clever tantric will bleed off the good fortune energy in a quantity and manner that does not alert the victim that there is a suspicious decline of life benefits.

This anesthesia process accompanies the victim becoming highly favorable or feeling obliged to share one’s confidential information with the one who is activating the tantra. This process is known as ‘mohanam’—to become besotted with the perpetrator of the crime of black tantra.

The first action of mohanam is to confuse, block and bypass the normal intelligence function of the third eye chakra, replacing it with a false ego construct generated from fear and ill-health energies activated at the solar plexus, intestine and the hara (svadishthaan) chakras.

Here, the victim is driven to seek advice and support from the very one who is the energy-sucking vampire. There is unnecessary sharing of confidential information, as the victim thinks the energy bandit is their well-wisher. This gives the energy bandit real time intelligence about the victim’s condition while preventing discovery of their real intentions and actions.

This is similar to the anesthetic injected by blood-sucking leeches that delay the victim’s reaction to the blood-sucking for a while. Where the tantric attack energies are not hardwired into the genetic or karmic pattern of the individual, it is relatively easier to fix the situation.

Perfect end-result cures may not be there because of the constraints of time, and due to a deteriorated condition of the physical body. However, significant deep relief is always available through the divine grace of karmic healing. Depending upon individual conditions, the black tantra disease is healable and reversible to the extent of being curable by the destiny changing methods of divine karmic healing that we teach.

Not everything is Black Tantra
We often find that people are disappointed to learn that Black Tantra is not responsible for whatever troubles they might be facing in life. This is because it is easier to believe that ‘others are responsible’ for what is going wrong in one’s life.

All ills that befall us are not coming from evil tantric practices, but from our own directly generated karmic destiny. Tantric practices aimed at us may be caused by previously activated or currently activated thing that we have done.

  • However in all cases it must be remembered that the person who activated the tantra against us had exercised a choice–we did not force the choice upon them. It is important to keep this in mind.
  • The reactions coming to those people for their choice is their responsibility, while what we do is our our responsibility.

The wise action at our end would be to counter this disease by using Divine good karma methods such as the karmic healing of Reiki and the KQ Force. Leaving the retribution or punishment aspect to the Divine will keep us free from having to experience negative and punishing karmic reactions.

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