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  • Proof of Reincarnation Direct from Your Own Experience
  • ‘Super’ Karma, Summarized

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It is universal experience that the personal consciousness identity–the ‘I’-consciousness (I-con) remains constant, while the body is constantly changing cell by cell over time. This is evidence for immortality.(See detailed article below this table–Proof from your own direct experience.)
  • The I-consciousness (I-con) is experienced as going beyond time, space and matter without change–this is an ‘undecaying action’ (Super karma) of the I-con.
  • During a lifetime, the body is constantly ‘dying’ (Bad karma) and new cells are being generated (Good karma) to replace the old.
  • Even in this process of daily death of the body, the I-con remains intact and unchanging–neither dying nor being re-generated like bodily cells (Super karma).
  • From this we can understand that the I-con works with all 3 types of karma–Good, Bad and Super karma, without the I-con changing it’s essential nature–It is unaffected by good or bad karma.
  • Finally, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the I-consciousness stops or ‘dies’ when the body dies. Given the evidence, it is entirely reasonable and scientific to conclude that the I-con will continue beyond the body.
  • These facts are verifiable and repeatable consistently across as large a sample population as you may want to examine even up to 100% of all people that are present. This is additional strength for proof of reincarnation and immortality.
  • Keeping in mind the principle of ‘like attracts like’ we can further understand that enough Super Karma credits can take us to the pure ‘super’ or spiritual-immortal zone permanently.
  • In order to get to pure spiritual we need to finish with our balance of material good and bad karma that binds us, the I-consciousness particle to reincarnation. (See this article on the physics of karma.)
  • We can do this by using the Super Karma driven and empowered ‘KQ Force’ method of healing our karma permanently.

Scientific proof of reincarnation– Direct evidence from your own life

The word reincarnation literally means, ‘to take on the flesh again’. In other words, to take on a new fleshly (physical) body. The idea of reincarnation derives from a universal observation of fact which can be verified by everyone at the individual level and is not such an alien proposition as it might appear on the surface.

A biochemist or doctor would tell us that the individual cells in our body have a limited lifespan—from days, to weeks and a few years.

  • Using sophisticated carbon 14 dating methods, Dr. Frisen and his team of stem cell researchers in the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, found that the average age of cells in an adult body would be between seven and ten years. (The Karolinska Institute appoints the Nobel laureate for the category ‘Physiology or Medicine’.)

The technical abstract and a more detailed related article can be accessed here and here.

For a more people-friendly summary of these, reach for this New York Times article on the right entitled, ‘Your Body Is Younger Than You Think’.

The changing and the unchanging
Considering this sober evidence we can understand that as we age, our bodily cells are replaced regularly. Hence, we have a constantly changing body.

However, our consciousness of who we are remains unchanging. Our identification of ourselves, the ‘I-consciousness’ (I-con) factor remains constant and unchanging. Even though we may develop our likes and dislikes and thinking over the years, we always know who we are in the sense of personal continuity or personal ‘being-ness’.

Proof of Reincarnation by your own experience

  • It is our experience, and surely yours as well—no matter what our age, we know we are the same being in terms of identity from childhood until now. Yet our bodies, emotions, desires, needs have changed radically, and continue to change.
  • So, in reality, ‘we’—our consciousness, is unchanging or immortal, and travels through many changing bodies in time. This is proof of reincarnation in this lifetime.
  • The ‘act’ of the unchanging I-consciousness traveling through time, space and matter is one evidence of ‘super karma’ or spiritual karma that remains constant, while material karma deteriorates in time and can end.
  • Thus far there is no evidence to suggest that that this process of reincarnation stops once the present body comes to an end. Is there any evidence that it continues? That is the subject of the next article.

“If our consciousness is immortal, then so are we!”

That may be quite a heavy realization to absorb all at once, but that does not make it less valid. The reality is that all the layers of our being and existence change in time except the I-consciousness element.

Further, we must necessarily consider this—everything that exists, invariably has in it the quality of its source and origins. So even though we may not be clear what exactly ‘consciousness’ is, we do know that it has the quality of constancy, it’s nature is of being unchanging. There are other words to describe this state—permanent, eternal, immortal, forever. You can consult your own personal experience to check the truth of this. On looking everywhere, you will find that this truth is:

  • It is universal experience that the personal consciousness identity (the ‘I’-consciousness) remains constant while the body is constantly changing.
  • This is proof of reincarnation for each of us–we are of the quality of our I-consciousness: eternal, undying, constant.
  • We are immortal… and that opens up a whole new field of responsibilities and accountability.

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