“The Good News …”

Practical Karma and Reincarnation

The good news about reincarnation is that you have many second chances. In a previous two-part article on Reincarnation we discovered a universally found disease condition—the Karma Syndrome. The really good news is that ‘we’, the essential ‘I-consciousness’ part of us continues across lifetimes. We, and our consciousness is never extinguished.

The bad news is that the I-consciousness particle (I-con) part is subject to a chronically repetitive disease condition–the karma syndrome. The four faces of the karma syndrome are: birth, death, old age and disease. These are a universally existing condition, with each stage presenting its peculiar problems.

We also saw that this individual I-con particle travels through many changing bodies in this lifetime. During its travels, its essential stable nature does not change or end. We further saw that the movement of the individual I-con was in harmony with the universal laws of nature.

From that we understood that the eternal I-con particle must continue across time in lifetimes. This, because its large accumulated momentum of action-reaction cannot be balanced in one short bodily lifetime.

In such a case, it is necessary that the I-con continues its existence in another bodily vehicle that is suitable for discharging the karmic energy balancing function. This must take place in harmony with the law of physics of matter, and also the laws of physics of karma.

All these points were explored in the Reincarnation articles, and if you haven’t looked at those yet, or you wish to refresh your understanding, then please go there before continuing further.

“More good news is that…”
Practical knowledge of these conditions have been historically documented over thousands of years by karmic healers and scientists. Out of this observation of the I-con’s travels, the I-con particles (that’s us!), can find a way out from the karma syndrome—be healed of the karma disease, as it were.

The reversal of the karma syndrome disease requires understanding of the universal energy principles governing karmic action-reaction-response accumulations. Next, we need to implement methods and processes that diminish and ultimately eliminate all residues of karmic momentum.

The essential aspects of these methods and principles are accessible here and using ascending levels of the KQ Force teachings can positively help change your life, even today.

Laws of karma
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