Great Reminders of the Divine
in traditional Odisha art style on coconuts

3 in 1 Lord Jagganath, Subhadra, Baladeva

Sri Baladeve, Subhadra, Jagganath

Conceptualized by Nalin Nirula, all three deities on a single puja coconut. Painted in the traditional Puri style of Oddisha art by master artists of Jagganath Puri.

Govindam Adi Purusham

Iconic bhajan by Yamuna devi-dasi. Music by Yamuna devi and George Harrison. This is played at all ISCKON temples worldwide every morning.

Shri Ganesh Ji
Shri Ganesh Ji Backside
Lakshmi ji

Camphor Purity Yantra

To Heal You ,Your Home, Your Workplace

The patented Camphor Purity Yantra™ Celebrates 18 Years of Successful Healing — 1997-2016!

Originally designed by Nalin Nirula in 1997, this device got an enthusiastic response from visitors: “Where can I get one of these?”

When informed that it was a one-of device, they would ask, “can you make one for me please?” Besieged by repeated “me too” demands for the Yantra, he started making the devices for patients and visitors.

Since then Nalin Nirula has designed and made many of different types of healing devices with a view to addressing and rectifying life-situation issues by the use of these devices through which they channel special healing and empowerment energies.

Some imitations of their devices appear in the marketplace from time to time, but these copy-cats fail to perform, create a negative energies and naturally, they soon disappear!

Healing karma

Nalin Nirula is a karmic healer and an initiating spiritual master & teacher based in New Delhi, India. After years of self-preparation, from 1982 onwards he has been working globally to initiate, connect and empower people with karmic healing energies.

To this end he conducts his unique “KQ Force” karmic empowerment seminars, where he initiates individuals with specialized empowerments for improving their condition in all areas of life and living. (More about him here).

The Yantra at Work

You can see the patented Camphor Purity Yantra™ removing negative and ill-health energies from the environment. The ‘beehive’ accumulation is not a normal result of the flame as one might think. It is the result of capturing negative astral energies.

The same level of flame will sometimes result in this beehive structure and on other days there will not be even a spot of residue (See Usage guidelines below).


The brass dish at the top holds purifying camphor, while the bottom copper vessel holds and burns oil (either sesame, mustard, or sunflower).

The spiral wick-holder has been adjusted in height to keep the flame at optimum level below the camphor. If needed, the wick and flame height is adjusted by increasing/decreasing the working flame height by adjusting the height of the spiral wick holder so that the flame is just below the top camphor containing receptacle.

Use the Yantra twice a day–morning and evening, for a few hours or until the oil finishes in the lower container (3 to 4 hours).

Please ensure that no flammable materials are in the vicinity of the working Camphor Purity Yantra™. For heavy negative energy discharge areas such as in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, healing centers, offices, factories, the yantra can be used for longer periods of time.


  • The evaporated camphor may not suit everyone and some people can react adversely to the camphor fumes, particularly those with respiratory ailments. Avoid using device near sensitive individuals.
  • Camphor is a highly flammable substance and can catch fire when heated or exposed to a naked flame. Avoid keeping flammable materials near the device.


  1. Where there is a lot of negative depression, stress, or black tantra’ energy in the atmosphere, the special design of the device captures and burns it. This can be seen as an accumulation of black carbonized material that grows below the camphor receptacle in a typical ‘beehive’ type of structure.
  2. As the atmosphere in the area purifies (over a few days), you will find the beehive structure appears infrequently, even if the flame is very close to the camphor receptacle. This is evidence that the beehive does not grow because of incomplete combustion as one may be led to think!
  3. The ‘beehive’ structure will appear from time to time depending on the environmental energy condition. Where there is a major accumulation of negative mental-emotional energy, the odor of evaporating camphor is significantly reduced or even absent.
  4. As the atmosphere cleans up, a strong camphor smell returns. You will experience this feedback through the specially empowered Camphor Purity Yantra™ and the ‘Soul Soothers’ purpose-formulated camphor included in your package.
  5. Avoid touching the black carbonized residue directly. After removing any usable camphor from the receptacle and reserving for future use, wash the receptacle in running water and clean with a good detergent. Dry off and use as before.
  6. We recommend the use of pure natural medicinal grade camphor–not what is commonly available in the market. (We also supply the appropriate grade of ‘Soul Soothers’ camphor separately.) Cheaper, petroleum derived camphoraceous substances or pine oil extracts etc do not have the desired effects.

One or two devices are generally adequate to purify about 2000 to 4000 square feet (about 180 sq. m. – 360 sq. m.) of area on one floor level at home. For offices/hospitals/nursing homes, 2-4 devices per floor area of upto 4000 sq. feet(180 sq.m.) are recommended.

Created by Nalin Nirula