Saturday Box

Building Wealth With the
Saturday Box

The Saturday Boxcomes complete with special energization, and wealth attracting seed money.

Choice of seed money in Indian Rupees or US Dollar, blessed and empowered by the Master Nalin Nirula.

Make your own Saturday-Box, or–
Get an empowered one from the Center.


  • Place money in the Saturday-Box on Saturday evenings between 7:30 pm (Saturday) and 4:00 am Sunday morning. Close the lid properly, latching it shut and keep the Box in a secure place.
  • Try and put some money in the S.Box every week. You will gradually find that on subsequent weeks you will have more money available to save in your Saturday-Box.
  • If after a few weeks you do not find the amount available for savings increasing on a weekly basis, consider ordering a special “KQ Multiplier Disc”, which brings multiplier energies to your savings.

We recommend that you put the Saturday Box savings taken out in secure medium- to long-term investments, mutual funds, property, investment grade coins and stamps, precious metals (not jewelery), and so on.

  • Whenever you need to withdraw money from the Box, you should take it out also on Saturday evenings after 7:30 pm only. Opening it for any reason or taking money out at other times results in the money being spent on non-saving items, or it being frittered away.

See below how to make your own Saturday Box!

Make Your Own Saturday Box
  • Take any wooden or plastic, or other non-metallic box with a tight fitting lid.
  • Use it only for saving and withdrawing money in it on Saturday evenings as described above.
  • Do not open the Box for any purpose at any other times of the day or other days of the week.

You should expect your Boxed savings to increase regularly. If your savings do not increase sufficiently, consider ordering a Saturday-Box from the Star Light Company.

Should you want to share your experience of the Saturday Box method of savings, we would be pleased to hear from you–please use this contact form.

The Saturday-Box and Other Fine Healing Devices
Created by Nalin Nirula
Available only through Casa at True North Health Center

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The Saturday Box and other healing devices do not purport to replace appropriate health measures and therapies, nor do they replace any other prudent, remedial measures meant for the individual’s benefit.

The results from Saturday Box method depend upon your inputs and discipline in furthering the energies inherent in this special karmic energy healing method, and your own karmic balance of wealth building. Results will vary accordingly. However, you would notice that this method of saving yields significantly greater results than other similar saving methods you may have experienced, like golak savings (piggy-banks).