KQ #19a, ‘Why is the sky blue?’
July 15, 2010

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Issue #019, July 2010
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‘Why is the sky blue?’… The why and how of things…

The Much Misunderstood Why and How

‘Why’ and ‘how’ are highly misunderstood. Try it out for yourself–it is a fun thing. Let me ask you, ‘why is the sky blue?’
Take a moment and think… and then, what was your answer?

Did you say that the sky was blue because… it reflects the water of the oceans? Or perhaps you said, the dust and gas particles in the atmosphere bend the rays of light and scatter them so they appear blue.

  • If you answered either of these or similar, then you did not answer the question, ‘why is the sky blue?’ You actually answered as to how the sky is blue.
    To some this may be nit-picking or a play on words, but there really is a big difference between why and how.

The Difference

‘Why’ means, for what reason or cause or purpose, while ‘how’ means, in what manner or way, degree or extent.

‘How’ tackles the quantitative analytical and technical version of reality, while ‘why’ approaches qualitative reality–the cause, the reason or purpose behind what generates the technical ‘how’ version of reality.

As karmic healers working with Reiki and the KQ Force, we experience and demonstrate that, for example, a person who is medically unwell can revert to a state of health by the introduction of karmic healing energies. This is documented (the how part) by clinical testing and reports, in addition to the individual’s own assessment of his feeling of well-being.

The why of being healed is not answerable in technical how terms, because technical how answers can only address the measurable and quantifiable. The why goes into a qualitative and subjective zone and while it is not significantly measurable, one is able to experience it.

  • Why is subjective reality while How is objective reality.
  • The Why and How realities are both very real and important, but in our daily lives the how overrides the why. The important ultimate reason for this is that, the analytical ‘how’-oriented mind cannot answer a why question. Such a mind must become silent when faced by a Why, such as why is the sky blue. This is in contra-distinction to, how is the sky blue.
  • Direct perception of reality or the truth is a why, not a how. Why answers are in the area of emotion and feeling and perception. Enlightenment that manifests from direct perception of reality is a why, not a how.
  • Yet, methods that seek to replicate the why, are all ‘how to’ methods, and are in fact a search for the truth. ‘How’, is limited to the measurable, and fails when it comes across something it cannot measure.

As long as the mind is active where it need not be, the why remains mysterious. When the mind is silent, the why reality manifests itself and consciousness expands.

Causative reality is touched by Why, not How

Why-reality is the ultimate causative reality behind how. And to penetrate into that zone the how mentality must naturally be silenced.
The start of this is by non-interfering observance and witnessing of how one acts and behaves during the course of daily living. Of course the how mind will instantly respond by saying that the act of observing something in itself is a non-passive act and changes what is happening.


However, in the act of witnessing, or attempting to witness, one may connect with the prior, higher, why-reality and begin to resonate with that vibration. When the how mind is sufficiently silenced, into that, a drop of time can expand into an unlimited universe.

Why is the sky blue?

As to the question, why on earth is the sky blue?!
Well–the answer was always there and you always knew it:

  • The sky is blue because it suits the artistic sense of the Creator of the universe.

* * *

Next week I shall be sharing another personal experience in the series, Spirals of Time.

We continue to send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family–especially for success in touching all the realities of existence, and thus getting balanced guidance for your path in life.

Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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