KQ #20, “Is karmic healing religious…Why do I need healing?”
September 25, 2010

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Shopping for religion and healing…Is karmic healing sectarian, cultist, religious system? … Life is good–Why do I need healing

Shopping for religion and healing

These and other related questions came up for Ashish, one of our karmic healing initiating teachers in San Diego, California, USA. The person asking was an American–I’ll call him Explorer Bill. He said he was connected to Reiki through Master Hawayo Takata’s lineage, and was in exploration mode to find something that gave him more ‘satisfaction’.
Explorer Bill also wanted some kind of guarantee that all his problems in life would be sorted out in life fairly immediately in exchange for a modest fee that he was reluctant to pay. Our teacher offered that he could convey a lower fee request to us but Explorer Bill did not take that option.

Bill referred to himself as a Shinto religionist and said that in his view the karmic healing modalities of the KQ Force were sectarian because ‘they were created from a Vedic basis, and the concept of karma conflicts with teachings of other religions, so therefore these are not truly secular teachings.’

Our initiating teacher Ashish was perplexed at Bill’s attitude and was not sure how he should have responded. I was reminded of many similar situations I had experienced and shared my understandings with Ashish.

“Why do I need healing?”

A college-going man once said to me that he was young, in good health, had a new BMW car, a very generous spending allowance from his parents and so why did he need Reiki or the KQ Force.

My simple answer to him was, ‘you don’t need Reiki or the KQ Force right now. But give it 10 or 15 years when your present situation changes and your good karma life is reducing. When you are sick or troubled in life with no solutions apparantly available to your questions that you will ask of life–that is the time you will need Reiki and the Force. Come to me then if you are still interested to know more.’

The man was surprised at my blunt response, smiled and left in his BMW, possibly to explore other options for adjusting the universe for fulfilling his desires, preferably at little or no cost to him.

I appreciated these questions because it helped progress my understanding of human nature, and the way that the Divine healing energies work. Verbalizing this renewed and reinforced my understanding of the way the Divine healing energies impact our lives.

  • The key to understanding the background of these questions is the observation that people are motivated by thoughts of gain. The gain could be direct such as financial or indirects such as avoidance of discomfort and pain. The financial is important because it is a one-window means to obtaining or purchasing all kinds of benefits and pleasures.
  • This is neither right nor wrong in itself. How we achieve this may impact on us painfully or not so painfully. Some pain, effort, would always be associated with the pursuit of gain or avoidance of pain.
  • Oftentimes personal experience is the best teacher. Sound words of advice have little effect on those not prepared to have a reality realization.
  • One cannot convince someone who is not open to being convinced.

Self-study misconceptions obscure and delay benefits

Now what about Explorer Bill’s dilemma? His knowledge of the KQ Force’s or Reiki’s origins and status is entirely flawed, as is his understanding about Vedic knowledge and karma and its consequences. His ‘shopping for a religion’ or shopping for liberation from suffering does not take into account what it is that he needs to get as a bottom line result. Self-study about the subject of karmic healing invariably runs into a roadblock at some point. That point comes when one comes across previously unknown knowledge that is explainable only by a teacher who has realized and experienced the truth of what he teaches.
Rejecting the concept of a living teacher–while indirectly accepting the teachings of a teacher in written form by someone who is not present to clarify or expand the teachings always ends in misconception and failure. So window shopping and exploring will continue without a result.

It is like a sterile man or woman engaging in the sexual act in the expectation of delivering a result.

  • The fact that Explorer Bill has a genuine Reiki karmic healing connection is enough to liberate him from the bondage of karma–would he sincerely and faithfully follow the practices.

Reiki healing results require a daily connection with it and a conscious practise of the method. Bill’s life has improved to the point that he is comfortable with his life, has no major issues to repair in his life, he is bored, and shopping around for more excitement and something that may give him a ‘quick fix’. It is more like seeking an intoxication fix.

Shopping Bill is caught up in false image external reflections rather than what is actually embodied in what the system is promoting, or its underlying strengths.

He is looking at the sales pitch rather than the product or results.

Misconceptions & misunderstandings

  • First misunderstanding: The Vedas simply mean ‘higher knowledge and knowledge about the highest, most confidential’. There is no cultural bias in the information. It is like rejecting the reference to the sun as ‘Surya’, the sanskrit word for sun because I do not know sanskrit. The reference is to the same thing no matter what language I use. It is factual reporting of observation dealing with effect and cause of events. This is not ‘religion’.
  • The single most common fundamental understanding underlying all bonafide religious/self-developmental systems is an understanding of karma and karmic consequences that shape our destiny and our lives. This varies from the most commonly expressed realization–‘what goes around, comes around’ to the most complex understanding of karma noted in the vedas.
  • Next, Reiki and the KQ Force are not a ‘creation’ of any man. These are systems of healing based on knowledge of how advanced energies work in the universe, and how the universe is working driven by these energies we refer to for our understanding as ‘Reiki’ and the ‘KQ Force’. These are terms that describe and refer to the form and function of these two karma healing modalities, simultaneously encoding the knowledge of how the universe is driven. Utilizing knowledge of these energy flows cannot be said to be ‘man-made energy flow systems.’
  • Not knowing the basis of these healing modalities does not affect their utility, just as you may know how to drive a car from one point to another, but you do not have to be an automobile engineer or mechanic to do so.

Finally, karmic healing is not a religious process and does not oppose or contradict anyone’s belief systems–whether religious, political or social.
Whatever one’s belief system or religious faith may be does not make any difference to the healing work–just as when one needs a doctor, the doctor’s faith or religion does not matter to the healing work he is doing. The results, and how they are achieved are what matter.


The evidence of results & personal realization

If one sees the results of karmic healing working across a broad spectrum of people around the world, it is evidence that it is likely to work for others similarly. This can be tested by participating in the methodology as taught for karmic healing.
A great obstacle to getting the benefits of the healing energies of Reiki and the KQ Force is, obstructive personal karma generated by a pre-decided and biased mind. This is strengthened by the personal conviction that one’s personal view of the universe is supreme and accurate for all time.

Such a view does not actually remain constant through time. However the individual is convinced in a strange illusory way, that this constantly changing image of his reality is in fact a permanent reality, whereas it is actually a continuity in changeability.

The moment one admits the possibility that one’s view may not be perfect and one becomes willing to look at things afresh, that is the opening for realization of the truth to filter into one’s thinking.

This is the beginning for positive change in one’s life where one may look at life with the knowledge arising from personal humility and being open to reconsider one’s flawed world view. When this epiphany happens, ‘shopping around’ for a life-changing healing modality will stop. The true work to progress one’s life will start then, driven by the understanding that one needs to take personal responsibility for changing and healing one’s life.

The karmic healing energies of Reiki and the KQ Force are the mother and father for such a radical transformation. One needs to connect to these daily to regenerate ones understanding and get the freedom to change one’s self-created destiny.

* * *
We continue to send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family–especially for success in finding balanced guidance and success in healing your life.

Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

A message from the KQ Force Team

The Appearance Day of Dr. Mikao Usui
February 4, 2013
February 4 is celebrated as the Appearance day of Master Usui, and his special karma changing and karma healing energies flow on to the planet on that day in greatly magnified form.
This year, an august assembly of healers–karma warrriors really!–gathered together at Nirulavilas in New Delhi.

There, they received guidance from the Karma Healing Masters Nirula on how to apply practical healing solutions to everyday problems, and how to advance in all their life-endeavors.

Excerpts from these discussions are posted on the a special Guidance page. You can hear these online and also download these for hearing them off-line. In the Karma Blog, in the ‘Thoughts’ section, the postings made this month of February will be from the discussions that took place on the special Appearance Day of Dr. Usui.

Do check in on these pages regularly for updates and healing guidance. We hope you will take up these opportunities to help change your life for the better.

With best wishes!–
The KQ Force Team

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