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The Black Tantra Disease “We can think of the Black Tantra Disease when benefits in life which are about to fructify suddenly vanish frequently or

Black Swans

Black Swans The Improbable “Lucky Black Swans” of the KQ Force and Reiki The Twin Black Swans of the KQ Force and Reiki–Creating improbable good


Q&A Download the chapter 15 Class Handout notes (PDF) Direct Link to BG 15.15: “I am situated in the heart of all souls as the


Vaastu “Vaastu Healing for Your Life” “Re-aligning the energy flows into our lives–our bodies as well as the physical spaces we live and work in,

Highest service

Highest Service The Highest Service to God Krishna awaits the return of His dear servants wandering in the material world, to engage and play with


Day 1:1. Prepare to Receive — Clean up and create space for life opportunities and financial wealth To Clean Up 1.2–Cleaning up the energy environment.Return

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