Day 1:
1. Prepare to Receive —

Clean up and create space for life opportunities and financial wealth

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“This the first day where you prepare yourself to get your new financial wealth and opportunities in life–Clean up and Slay the dragons that burn up your wealth energies!”

  • Wealth and Opportunity come and stay only where they are well treated.
  • Where the environment for attracting wealth energies is not favorable, the incoming wealth does not stay long, or is diverted in a wasteful way.
    This loss of wealth includes loss of valuable relationships and benefits, opportunities lost, and efforts not giving sufficient results.

By the First energy principle of like attracts like, the active energy in a particular space develops its qualities according to the environmental energies installed in it. Unknown to us, we actually have a lot to do in creating these energies.

The physical environment in our homes and places of work, recreation and so on can actively obstruct or enhance wealth-generating conditions.

‘Day-1’ means the first action step to building a suitable environment for receiving and maintaining all wealth and benefit energies. Each subsequent ‘Day’ will be the next step after your having worked through and implemented the previous Day’s action points.

The first step is always preparation–here you prepare to receive wealth and abundance energies into your life.

It is important to follow this as closely as possible to maximize success. Just by following the mechanical process of removal of obstructive energies you will notice an immediate change in the environment, your mental-emotional state, and an opening up of wealth building opportunities.

The following is a check-list of action points to clear up wealth obstructive energies in the home, work or recreation space. The easy to do points are listed first, followed by those that require more time and work. Please don’t neglect these last points because they have a major long-term effect in your wealth building activities.

Day 1.1: Cleaning up the Physical Environment Check List

  1. Physical cleanliness of the space, including removing dirt, dust, cobwebs, clutter, old and damaged clothes and things.
  2. Dark, dingy cluttered entrance area–Open up the space, allow in light and air.
  3. Unpleasant stale odors. Use exhaust fans in kitchens and elsewhere; use fragrant flowers, natural fragrances at entrances and other rooms such as in fragrance oil lamps, candles etc. However, using these without an actual physical clean up is not much use.
  4. Oil, re-align, add missing screws for creaking, squeaking hinges on doors, windows.
  5. Doorbell has an unmelodious, harsh, overloud, hooting, alarm, siren, buzzing or shrill sound. Replace with chiming or harmonious, gentle tones.
  6. Replace, repair, clean torn, damaged furnishings, upholstery.
  7. Replace cracked, chipped or broken glass, especially window panes.
  8. Replace cracked, chipped, broken, discolored or otherwise damaged mirrors.
  9. Repair cracked, peeling plaster of walls, ceilings.
  10. Repair cracked, peeling paintwork, surface finishes of walls, ceilings, furniture.
  11. Repair, resurface damaged flooring.
  12. Re-configure disproportionately large or small entrance for the size of house or flat. Generally for a standard modern flat or home a 1.2 metres x 2.4 metres (4’x 8′) entrance doorway is sufficiently large. The minimum entrance should be 0.9 m x 2.1 m (3’x7′).

Maintain the above gains by daily and regular maintenance work.
Congratulations! Now that you have started on this work where you prepare to receive good fortune energies, you are ready for the next building block to attract more wealth into your life.

Now to the next step of wealth building–Cleaning up the Energy Environment.