Money Matters!

Jumpstart the material and spiritual

with wealth building karma

Money matters, whether one is a ‘materialist’ or ‘spiritualist’. For some reason, many of us have the idea that money and spiritual advancement do not go together.

In India we have a long-standing traditional understanding that poverty means we are already advancing spiritually. The Christian tradition also reflects this idea that humble poor are advancing. The meek shall inherit the earth and all that. Admittedly there is substance in that.

Being aware of our limitations helps

When we are humble–actually aware of our limitations and faults, we are more willing and open to receiving what the universe sends us.

Humility help us to change our existing way of doing things and be open then to new karma for bettering ourselves. While this is correct but not conclusive, a more complete understanding of this is embodied in the fundamentals of sanatana dharma culture. A brief understanding of this is given at the end of this article.

Experiencing' burns up good and bad karma

The basic way (the ‘default setting’, so to speak) of getting rid of our accumulated binding bad and good karma credits is to use these up by experiencing the accumulated karma in that karma credit–both the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’. If you haven’t already met the Karma Credit(KC) family, you can learn more about the KC family here. (Also refer to the Karma Definitions –opens in a new window.)

However, does this mean…

...Is suffering good?

Suffering may be good in some ways–cathartic even, but ultimately it is not a recommended way to balance our karmic bank accounts. First, any kind of pain is distorting to the mind and thinking. When in any kind of pain we cannot see our way very clearly.

Quick fixes are costly

Next, out of this pain, we may take a ‘quick-fix’ course of action that leads to additional, unexpected complications either immediately or at some point in future. This means more karmic accumulations or ‘karma credits’ that gather strength in time to come back to trouble us again.

It is these unexpected and unwanted events that come at us out of nowhere in the future–which is the ‘present-now’ when we actually experience it. So we can see and experience how in time the effect of actions continues on in our lives.

Jump-starting rectification of money matters begins with a basic cleaning up of the bad karma credit environment.
This is doable at progressive levels. Here we will explore a number of such methods. Before accessing these box-linked articles please read the disclaimer.

Contents Day 1

1. Cleaning Up the Physical Environment

2. Cleaning Up the Energy Environment

3. Stop Waste of Your Wealth Energies

Contents Day 2

4. Attracting Wealth Energies

5. Protection of Wealth Energies

6. Growth of Wealth Energies

Money Matters

Shortage of money, income, lack of wealth, can truly be a cause of great pain and suffering. Shortage means that we do not have enough financial energy to take care of our basic living needs and those of our dependents. In this section we will explore ways and means of changing our karmic bank balances to improve the bottom line.

Knowledgeable (Vedic) Understanding of How and Why Money Matters

The Vedic tradition of self-development and personal emancipation from the karma syndrome of birth, death, old age, disease encompasses a systematic four-fold program. This ancient knowledge tradition of one’s essential nature (sanatana dharma) identifies human endevor in four broad activities as dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.

The term ‘sanatana dharma’ means ‘one’s eternal occupational duty’ beyond the limitations of birth, class, religion, gender, economic or any other situation. It is the work done in all spheres of life keeping in view the natural eternal position of the individual consciousness (I-con) particle or the soul, and how the individual I-con can regain it’s lost position.

The goal of a society and culture so driven and motivated is the ending of the karma syndrome.

“Dharma, artha, kama, moksha”

  • Broadly then, dharma means–right action according to one’s position in life that progresses one to placing the individual in his true spiritual (essential unchangeable) consciousness. This is an all-pervading understanding influencing the other three branches of individual and societal sanatana dharma life.
  • Artha means rightly done economic activity for livelihood and wealth creation in line with the principles dharma. This subject deals with money matters.
  • Kama is appropriate satisfaction of the senses or sense-gratification in line with the primary activity of dharma that provides an outlet for exploring the senses without creating painful karma, and that which is progresses one to the final fourth activity–moksha.
  • Moksha is a state of liberation from the binding reactions of karma–birth, death, old age and disease. The advanced view of moksha encompasses an understanding of individual position in universal creation. In the highest sense it is alignment with one’s natural, essential duty and activity borne out of a revelation of one’s spiritual nature.
  • In such a system, all the activities of life and living are aimed at placing the individual in a purely spiritual, non-binding karmic activity platform. The goal of such an enlightened society is to liberate its citizens from the degradations of the karma syndrome.

It is not a coincidence that after considering the primary activity of dharma (right action), the next to be taken up is artha or ‘rightly performed economic activity’ (leading to regulated sense-enjoyment–kama, and finally, moksha).

  • Money matters have never been considered as something evil nor decadent nor non-spiritual by enlightened spiritual cultures.

Is Money 'maya' or is money Mahalaxmi's blessings?

A common misconception is that material endeavor cannot be ‘spiritual’. Such an understanding is variously borne of lack of knowledge, or frustration with not achieving material goals. Money seen as maya or an ignorance-promoting illusion refers to money that is disconnected from karmicly purified or spiritual use.

  • Money used to progress one’s spiritual goals by healing one’s activities with Reiki and the KQ Force changes the nature of all wealth creation from binding to liberation.

Such karmicly healed activities transform their nature to become a blessing from the Divine directly–Mahalaxmis’s blessings. This removes the binding aspects of karma that go along with all activities. Such a healing creates opulences of a permanent or spiritual nature, the effect of which propels one to the spiritual zones of existence.

The main consideration in all vedic-based activities including economic activities is that, the individual and society as a whole, does not create future binding karmic activity, while working with life situations and desires in a regulated manner aimed at ultimate liberation from material karmic reactions.

‘Money matters’ is an ancient universal visible truth. A spiritualist need not be afraid nor embarrassed with the necessity of material endeavor. Such rightly performed material endeavor never diminishes spiritual growth.

The KQ Force spiritual empowerment succeeds in harmonizing the material and spiritual in a way and at a speed that has not been achievable until now by any other method currently available.

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