Day 1:
3. Stop Waste of
Your Wealth Energies

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Wealth and Water Find Their Way Out…Stop waste!

This includes any waste or loss by any measure–bad luck ‘tantra’, black magic, ‘evil eye’.

A wise old man once told us that wealth and water find their way out effortlessly.

Naturally this would be a waste if it goes where not intended. He was a builder who started from humble beginnings. His family lost everything in their overnight move from Pakistan to India during the Partition. He prospered in time through hard work and a healthy skepticism of get-rich-quick schemes that came to him in his work.

There are no get-rich-quick schemes whether in dealing with land, investment, property or creating wealth building karma. We found this builder’s observations to stop waste extremely apt and relevant, whether applied to constructing a weather-proof building or to building a weather-proof wealth shelter

In the previous two sections you would have prepared the fundamental grounds for creating a wealth building structure in your environment. In this article we will look further at how to stop waste of wealth energies–weatherproofing and sealing your positive wealth karma structure, as it were.

In this section you will look into stopping the waste of your wealth energies–the leaks in your wealth aura nearer at hand. We will start with things that are close to you personally.

Personal Collections
Each of us are collectors of something; books, pictures, objects, clothes–even if these have outlived their usefulness or no longer fit us or our needs. Yet we keep them out of a sense that we might need these some time in the future.

Out of these collections arise cracks and fissures in the wealth building aura. Rectifying these is extremely important. You can stop waste of your wealth by discarding these old, useless or even damaged elements. The more ruthless you are in doing this, the better your overall gains will be.

  • You may find some of the points listed as being opposed to your past practice and you may have a resistance to change. Remember that it is this existing condition that may be blocking you from getting the very benefits you are working towards.

Universal energies have a superior mandate
The universal and karmic energies do not work according to our belief or comfort-zone pattern. They have their own specifications and functions. We can try and understand how they work and act accordingly to stop waste of our karmic wealth. We cannot change their mandate.

Of course you have the free will to decide whether you want to change your existing position or wait for the universe to change itself according to your desire. (that is not likely to happen soon!)

  • After making the recommended changes, it may take up to six months for the energies to change significantly. Be patient.

The Stop Waste Checklist

  1. Discard old eatable ‘prasadam’ blessings that have been with you for more than a few days. Technically, blessed food should be eaten and distributed to others within 24 to 48 hours of receiving it. After that it starts to accumulate more negative energy than it can process.

There are two exceptions: uncooked grains and holy or blessed water which ordinarily keep their potency for a long time and can be good for weeks and months.

2. Repair or discard where repair is not feasible:

    • Damaged (including water-stained) religious paraphernalia including statuettes, idols, icons, photographs, pictures, paintings, books. All such items are healing instruments that broadly have two functions.

Their first function is to remove negative energy, and secondly to process these energies to neutralize and transform them to positive. When this instrument is physically damaged, chipped, cracked, or water damaged, the transforming-neutralizing function is handicapped or becomes non-functional.

In such a condition, the healing instrument starts to accumulate negative energy without the processing taking place. These negatives then spread into the environment retarding and hindering positive karmic energies by the principle of ‘like attracts like’ studied earlier.

You can stop waste of your wealth by placing (discarding) such damaged paraphernalia in a river or the sea or under a ficus religiosa (peepal) tree (or any tree), and this disposes off the negative energies safely.

    • Spectacles missing a lens or cameras having broken or damaged lenses: these lead to inability to access opportunities for wealth creation that might be present.
    • Discard keys without locks and locks without keys. These also create inaccessible opportunities. This is a commonly found detriment to obtaining wealth.
    • Clocks or watches that do not work prevent the wealth generating intelligence coming from the universal karmic intelligence bank. Specifically we see that the gold and green intelligence energies of Mercury entering our third eye (wisdom chakra)are reduced and become dormant.

3. Avoid placing religious paraphernalia in the toilet or on the toilet door.

4. Avoid using religious statues, icons casually as paperweights.

5. Do not keep the ashes of cremated relatives, pets at home. Death energies linger to create more death of opportunities energies unless finally absorbed by the elements, especially earth and water–as in rivers and seas.

6. Do not bury the remains or ashes of cremated relatives, pets on your property.

7. Avoid maintaining an extensive gallery of photographs or paintings of dead persons in a constant display format. Keeping such photographs in a photo album with a red cover is good.

8. Three dimensional figurines of animals, including bas-relief sculptures, where the animals have sharp teeth, horns and nails are very damaging. These create energies and situations of agitation, greed, conflict and loss.

Tusked elephant figures, especially with trunk upraised create energies of anxiety and constant loud arguments and conflicts in the space where these figures are placed. Silver colored or metallic elephants have the maximum negative effects.

Figures of tigers, lions, elephants, horned deer and similar, are therefore undesirable for the home or workplace.

Two dimensional depictions of these creatures as in paintings and photographs are acceptable.

We see that having the three-dimensional figures of creatures as mentioned, spoil the beneficial universal energies affecting the wealth aura coming from the Sun, Moon and planet Jupiter. At the same time the destructive energies of Rahu (Dragon’s head), Ketu (Dragon’s tail), Saturn and Mars are increased by having such figurines in place.

9. Note: Figurines of Lord Ganesha are not to be confused with the above-mentioned items. LG is always auspicious anywhere, anytime!

10. Avoid being outdoors during a solar or lunar eclipse and avoid viewing such an event directly or indirectly. Upon doing so, the karmic wealth building energies present in your aura for the time up to your next birthday are reduced considerably. Since there are such eclipses every few months, habitually exposing oneself to these radiations is very debilitating.

In the case of children under 12 years of age, their viewing eclipses affects the parents in the most part.

It is also advised not to eat or drink anything during this period. Strictly speaking, any cooked food kept in storage should be discarded, unless protected by placing a leaf of tulasi (holy basil) on each item of food. Dry tulasi leaves are equally effective.

11. Wearing torn or ‘grunge’ type clothes, old shabby shoes increase loss of wealth by activating negative Saturn energies whose work in this case is to reduce and retard progress. It creates a resistance to the generation and flow of wealth.

12. Old clothes that no longer fit you should be given away or discarded. Do not keep them for that day in future when you will fit into them again. If that day has not come in the past three years–give up the clothes!

In case that day comes, then you deserve to buy new clothes–so do not hang on to the old ones. Do not put off getting new clothes today thinking you will wait until you are in better shape.

You can further stop waste of wealth by reviewing your belongings. Things you have not used for over two years should be reviewed for the waste disposal pile. Things not used for three years or more should be seriously given away–Clearing up clutter opens you to receive more wealth energies.

As many of these points you can follow, to that extent you will benefit and stop waste of your wealth energies.