Day 2:
4. Attract Wealth
The Sure-shot Way

Attract Wealth by Saving
By this time you should be aware of the workings of the first law of karma– ‘like attracts like’ (opens in a new window), and so easily understand that wealth attracts wealth.

In order to create wealth the first thing one needs to do is to create savings–your seed wealth. There are many leaks in our financial flows that prevent savings–including black magic, tantra and so on, and these leaks need to be plugged.

Sources of Savings
Savings can be made either from expenditure that we are making or from income that we have.

  • Expenditure saving–by controlling costs can amount to a significant amount, as can savings from income. This is the first step in creating more wealth. For example paying off credit card debt can save you 36% or more per year on your debt.
  • To save from income requires a little discipline and the best way to do this is to save something on a daily basis even if it be a small amount.

Attitude and habit are obstacles to Savings
The biggest obstacle to savings is our thinking and attitude. Many of us think we can save only when we have ‘enough’ and of course there is never enough! Savings have to be a regular habit and then it works well in time.

Whether we save daily or weekly or monthly, we must have a plan and stick to it. It does not really matter what the plan is as long as there is regularity and repeatability built into it.

The Saturday Box Special Power of Compounding
Saturday evenings are a special energy day that you can access to attract wealth and grow savings.

A great way to multiply personal savings is by using a ‘Saturday Box’ to tap universal energies of wealth to multiply savings.

You can go here to learn more about this method of saving and make your own Saturday Box–or get a specially energized one.

Even small amounts add up by the power of compounding or compound interest–especially on Saturdays.

Saturday or Saturn’s day, is a special day with deep blue and indigo energies that start to flow after sunset at about 7:30 in the evening.

These energies stabilize whatever one does during that period, and is especially an opportune time for saving money that will multiply.

  • You can also put your savings every evening after 7:30 pm in a separate box, the contents of which you can transfer to the Saturday Box on Saturday after 7:30 pm.