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Direct Link to BG 15.15: “I am situated in the heart of all souls as the observing and guiding Supersoul, and from Me arise the soul’s remembrance of the self, knowledge, as well as forgetfulness of both…”

Direct link to BG 15.16: “There are only two types of living beings that exist in the world—the fallible, and the infallible…”

Direct link to BG 15.17-18: “My glories are sung throughout the universe as I am transcendental to all the temporary & permanent imperishable beings, and am known as the Supreme Person—Puruṣottamaḥ.”

Direct link to BG 15.19-20: “One who knows Me thus without doubt as the Supreme Person Puruṣottama, of the eternal blissful form, such a one is the knower of everything. He therefore engages himself in rendering devotional service to Me in many ways, O son of Bharata.”

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BG 11.1-14 Lecture – “The Universal Form”

In response to Lord Krishna’s conclusive statement in chapter 10, that He pervades the entire cosmic manifestation and sustains it, Arjun ask how Lord Krishna is simultaneously present in bodily form in front of him while being eternally present in the universe.

Arjun requests to see the Universal Form of Krishna; the significance of blind King Dhritrasthra hearing this description is that it is meaningful for us as well.

Q & A at 24.51: “…Dhritarasthra getting this information is the equivalent of an ordinary human being who does not have the spiritual eyes to see; but even he, by listening carefully can see (the truth) even if he is blind. We may be like Dhritarasthra–unable to see, but if one sincerely listens and hears with the proper attitude of respect & surrender to the Divine–even he can be liberated. Eventually Dhritsrashtra was liberated also, but it took a long time.”

BG 10.33-42 Lecture (Chapter Conclusion) – “Know that with a single spark of Myself I am present in the entire universe and sustain it.” (BG 10.42)

Whatever talent or great or wonderful or beautiful or admirable thing we see in someone–all of these are coming from Krishna’s opulence only. We have borrowed these or reflect His greatness in any great thing we do. The actions we take however, are not to Krishna’s account but to ours and we experience results of our actions accordingly.

Being our dearest friend, Krishna accompanies us through all lifetimes and bodies wherever we go and does not participate in our experiences of sorrow and happiness, but is always looking to guide us back to Him.

BG 10.23-32 Lecture – “Among the great sages I am Bhrigu; of vibrations I am the transcendental Om. Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names (japa), and of immovable things I am the Himalayas.” (BG 10.25)

“I am the beginning, middle and end of all creations, O Arjuna, and of the sciences I am the science of the spiritual self; of all knowledgeable arguments I am the natural conclusive truth.” (BG.10.32)

BG 10.19-22 Lecture – “O Arjuna, conqueror of ignorance, I am the soul self of all living entities and am situated within their heart. I am also the beginning, middle and end of all living entities.” – The Infinite Opulence of the Absolute

BG 10.12-18 Lecture – “O Keshava, not even the demigods nor demons know who You are in Your Infinite Opulence” – The Infinite Opulence of the Absolute

All that great, wonderful, powerful and beautiful come from a small part of Krishna. With just a spark of Himself He spreads throughout the universe and sustains it.

BG 10.1-11 Lecture – “The Infinite Opulence of the Absolute” – Krishna is the source of all that exists
“Neither the demigods, nor the sages know who I am in truth, because in every way I am the origin and source of them all.” (BG 10.2)

Discussion, Q & A

How healers engage in Krishna’s service; a discussion on demigods, sages– they do not know Krishna in truth. One who knows Krishna automatically engages in His service. Krishna’s guidance on how to conduct oneself and what to do to be permanently free of the karma syndrome sufferings–birth, death, old age and disease. Making ones life perfect in all respects.

BG 9.29-34 Conclusion-The Most Confidential King of Knowledge

BG Chapter 9 Conclusion:
Everyone has the opportunity and right to attain to the supreme destination, to attain to Krishna no matter what their birth and circumstance in life may be.

There is no restriction or discrimination.

If one engages one’s mind in thinking, worshiping and being completely absorbed in Krishna consciousness, one can reach Him very quickly.

BG 9, 23-28 – Krishna is the master and enjoyer of all

The Supreme Person, Krishna is the enjoyer and master of all. He alone can liberate one from the binding consequences of karma and give freedom from birth, death, old age and disease. Offer all that you do to Krishna, and become free of binding consequence karma.

Beyond the cycle of 4 Vedic objectives for society–dharma, artha, kaama, moksha–there is the service aspect to Krishna. This is the goal of all devotees and healers.

BG 9, 16-22 – Vedic rituals merit is flickering & returns you to a life of mortality…