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‘Karmic Debts, last life… healing and universal timing.’

  1. “If we have finished all our karmic debts on this planet and this is our last life here, what place do we go to when we die? Will it be a completely karma free place ?”
  2. “Can healing change the universal timing of events?”

–Kavitha Baruah, Oxford, UK


  1. When karmic debts are finished, the individual I-consciousness (I-con) particle goes to a zone compatible with its spiritual nature. That zone is the spiritual universe, free from the defects of birth, death, old age and disease. The pure I-con is in reality free from these, but trapped to move with the false ego in these conditions–the condition also known as rebirth or reincarnation. This article gives evidence of the spiritual nature. The end of the karma quotient is simultaneous with end of the false ego. You can read more about karmic debt here.
  2. Healing changes individual timing of events to the extent of changing the active options due. Destiny programs of karmic reactions due are changeable with healing so as to give a different result than originally programmed. In a way, by healing we ‘re-program’ and change the effect of karmic patterns.

When sufficient people heal sufficiently, the effects ripple out to affect the immediate environment and what is happening there as well. This is how destinies (karmic patterns) of communities, cities and nations are changed. Individual karmic contribution shapes the destiny of a group, and group destiny shapes communities, and destinies of communities shape nations. National destinies contribute to making global destiny patterns.

This is how healing changes universal timings of events. As healers we also influence others’ destinies for the better as we heal ourselves.

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‘Is karmic healing equivalent or superior to benefits from religious rituals?’

“Can the healing modalities of Reiki and KQ force be considered as equivalent and even superior methods to gain the benefits that are sought from the religious auspicious rituals and activities and even beyond? If so, what is the necessity to perform religious auspicious rituals and activities as a powerful means to gain Sukrti…?”–Offir Yavetz (Buddhish), Israel

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Thank you for your detailed questions, a part of which has been reproduced above. Your other questions regarding the delivery system of karmic reactions is addressed in this karmic debt article, while how good karma is created is covered in this article about the ‘karma credit family’–good karma, bad karma and (spiritual) ‘super’ karma.

Religious rituals of all authentic religions contain a core of universally valid pious activity (‘sukriti’) principle activities. This is applicable to all bonafide religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, ‘Hinduism’, Sikhism, Buddhism and so on. The source of all detailed religious knowledge are the Vedas which is reflected to some degree in all these religions according to the requirements of the culture and the people.

This modificaion is the dogma particular to the individual circumstances of the religion, while the unviersal principle remains the same.

For example, I understand that in the Judaic Kabbalistic tradition, three of the 72 names of God reflect vedic sound vibrations–‘Om’, ‘Rama’ and ‘Shiva’. Sound vibrations are a code that resonate with and attract equivalent energies.

  • ‘Om’ represents the creation of the universe from the spiritual to the material and this vibration can help take one to the spiritual zone (crown chakra). ‘Rama’ is the innermost pleasure-potency of the Supreme Divine–the heart and joy (the heart chakra of the crown), while ‘Shiva’ means ‘the all-auspicious one’ who through widom and mystic intelligence power liberates through empowered action (3rd eye chakra).

These are reflections of the universal truths embodied in the Vedas. These words above are not ‘kabbalistic’ or ‘hindu’ because they are universal in application and energy principles. ‘Veda’ simply means knowledge or, in this context, ‘the highest level of knowledge’.

  • Religious activities are meant to create positive (good) karma while restricting and dissolving negative karma through systematic activities built into the culturally specific community activities and forms a belief system. Belief systems have a foundation in reality whether one knows these or not. Sometimes the reality gets hidden in the rituals and this does not make the process invalid.
  • In general, religious activities of a particular land or culture are best suited to those who karmicly are born in that land. They have prepared for this in previous lives and so are best placed to progress spiritually through that religious system. These are all pious activities that lead to pure good or spiritual (super karma) activities that liberate one from the karma syndrome.
  • On the other hand, Karmic healing activities like Reiki and the KQ Force are directly liberating, unconditional and free from designation or limitations of birth, gender or country or religious considerations. These are truly non-sectarian empowerments and do not conflict with any religion. Being a karmic healer does not require any change of religious affiliation. Religious activities can co-exist harmoniously with karmic healing.

The word ‘religious’ means ‘a search for the ultimate truth’ while karmic healing spiritual activities are an establishment in the ultimate truth. All religions are to be respected and given high regard because they seek to help the general population develop sufficient ‘sukriti’ (pious activity) by ‘sattvic’ ativities (activities in the mode of goodness). This in turn at some time creates a sufficient balance of good karma to carry them to the zone of ‘shudh-sattva’–activities of the purified goodness or the purely spiritual.

Empowerments such as Reiki and the KQ Force are ‘shudh-sattva’ activities without limiting considerations, as discussed. They connect the individuals to the purely spiritual force of the Supreme Divine–the Source of all sources and the One Spirit second to none–by whatever name addressed.

Karmic healing gives immediately experienced results for changing ones life in all areas in a way not experienced through other systems of personal and religious development.

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