Karma Blog Q and A 3

‘The eternal student and fear of failure’

A combination of conditions addressed–Postponing taking exams on one pretext or another…eternally being in the student mode.(Fill in the blank if this applies to you!)



We have studied your condition of postponing taking your exams over the years, and find that you need to connect with an understanding of the lower chakras of your body, which need a lot of healing. Basically you are in anxiety because you are afraid of failing in your studies or not doing as well as you want.

We have seen that this ‘eternal student’ condition is a very weakening condition. The karma here is similar to that received when one is heavily intoxicated–the root chakra and kundalini chakras slow down and one is in a holding pattern perpetuating the existing condition. The third eye wisdom chakra is unable to correctly access and process information received.

The source of your pain
You say your condition is apparently not helped by any amount or type of medication, and hardly at all to spiritual healing energies. Apparently, your pains do not respond to material or spiritual methods.

I would like to illustrate the reason for your pains with a story my spiritual master used to tell whenever he came across conditions such as yours in his students. We have seen a lot of the same condition in the country and abroad. Yes–your condition is not unique, so there really is hope for a cure as others have been cured of this.

If you receive this healing without resistance and without the justifying and excuse-making false ego, you will be healed instantly. Be aware that this is heavy surgery.

Instant healing
My spiritual master used to say–“you can wake up a man who is sleeping but you can never awaken anyone who is pretending to be asleep–even if you pour a bucket of water over him.”

Meditate on this.

Failure or success?
In order to progress in life, failure teaches us more than success. One should not be afraid of failure as it is a learning experience, whereas unearned success can make one careless or worse, arrogant. You need to heal your fear of failure and the fear of taking responsibility for your work. Pain is not the culprit of holding you back in life.

Your unwillingness to move forward in a universe that is not of your creation is what holds you back. Postponing experience of possible failure perpetuates a condition of stagnancy. While this attitude prevails, nothing can take place to improve life.

Nothing has been allowed by you to change this condition. The ‘benefit’ you get from the continuity of such a condition outweighs your perception of the possible negatives. You are not yet uncomfortable enough in life to be stimulated to make the change.

Chanakya Pandit said that when you see fear at a distance, you can take all kinds of measures to postpone and avoid facing the fear. But when fear knocks at your front door, you have to face it. The very facing of the fear is the healing. You need to acknowledge this condition in your life and face the fear right now.

Changing your karma
You still have time to change the situation and we pray that you will take responsibility to do the work needed to get constructive results. This requires work on your part. There is no automatic creation of results without your action, karma.

The healing
Healing will give you wisdom to see that you need to act in a different way. Healing will give you the power to change your life radically. Actually enabling this change is a choice that is yours alone and can be done only by your active participation in healing your life.

We trust that you will exercise this choice without delay.

With love and light…

Nalin K. Nirula

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