Karma Blog Q and A 6

“Why doesn’t the Divine heal me right now? Is He fictional?…Are the instances of healing described by you not real?”

Sir,it looks to me that there is no cure to my pains … I sense something wrong for which I have been not able to change Your mind to help me…

I thank both You and Mam for everything that You both have done for me….Sir please do tell me ways to meditate for Lord Krishna so that I can at least grow spiritually.

I wonder now is Lord Krishna really potent to do any and everything as He wishes? because if this is for my karma then at least He should show me the way to rectify it. Does He not concede to the requests of His pure devotees? Are You not a pure devotee of Lord Krishna? Are the things about the people who have got cured of fatal diseases as You have mentioned in Your book wrong. Are those facts about Lord Krishna which say that He has done so and so great things only fictional. I know they are not… Could You tell me Sir, who am I? And why am I here in this world because this world is too miserable for me now.–A_____.


“Our Purpose in this World”
We acknowledge your difficulties and the pain you are feeling in your life situation, and continue to send you love and light.

Each of us on this planet needs to work for getting relief from pains we experience in everyday life. We also need to recognize that these troubles are an outcome of our karma quotient.

  • Our main work here is to heal the karma syndrome which condemns us to repeated cycles of birth, death, old age and disease.
  • If you are feeling miserable now it is because you are still waiting for an outside agency to do your work for you. We are always willing to help you, but you want help only in a very specific way.

We cannot legislate the way help comes to us from the Divine.
We are in no position to force our demands upon God or the Divine or His healing energies. God is showing us that we can heal the sum total of our destiny with the spiritual karmic healing empowerments of Reiki and the KQ Force, but it does not appeal to you at this time.

“We can progress spiritually anywhere, in any situation.”
Once I was with Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj, my spiritual master, in Kolerganj at Nadia, West Bengal, when he got news that one of his disciples was in jail. I asked what would happen to the disciple and what would happen to his spiritual progress.

  • My spiritual master replied, “wherever anyone is situated in life he is perfectly placed to progress spiritually–even in jail. The opportunity is always there and the external condition cannot prevent your inner spiritual work. You must only do it.”
  • Being in the material universe is like being in a jail. When we are in such a place we sometimes forget that rectification from our side is needed in order to gain release.
  • We may also forget that we need to work in a way to become eligible for this release. This work does not happen according to our desires and thinking, but by the laws and rules of the universe. You can refresh your understanding of these laws by going to this karmic debt article.
  • To succeed in this we need to work with the Divine karmic healing empowerments such as the KQ Force and Reiki. This ultimately transforms our negative karma. It changes our accumulated destiny such that we become eligible to be in our true spiritual consciousness and position.

We can exit to the spiritual universe thanks to this. It is very important to understand this.

“Is the Divine really potent?”
When we are in difficulty and do not get the results we want, we question the power of the Creator of the universe, often concluding that He is powerless to deliver us. This is just like an angry frustrated little child throwing a tantrum at his father.

We forget that we have not qualified sufficiently to be released. The father is always waiting for the son to learn the lessons and return to Him.

  • We forget that He has shown us the way, given us the healing empowerments to change our karma and our destiny, but we want the release without working for it. Or we demand instant results.

When that is not happening we say that the Divine has no power, the spiritual masters have no power, and we doubt and deny the cures and miracles of healing that have taken place.

We demand that the Divine should instantly give us what we want. When the Divine does not follow our orders, we give up in frustration and claim that none of this exists–that the whole system is fictitious.

Liberation and healing is real
Fortunately karmic healing is very real and measurable. Clearly there is enough evidence for the karmic healing results achieved with Reiki and KQ to establish their authenticity. You have seen this–if not so much in yourself, then in others.

The amount of karma to be shifted and healed varies from individual to individual. The amount of healing needed for changing karma will therefore vary from person to person. When healing is done properly and sincerely, it always gives results starting with relief. Finally, sufficiently healed karma liberates us from the karma syndrome.

“What to do when desired results do not come?”

  • If results are not coming, we need to see what it is that is lacking from our side and rectify that.
  • If we keep finding excuses or reasons to avoid changing what needs to be changed in our lives, the results will never be different from what we are already experiencing. How can results be different if we do not take a different approach?

3 Options are available
The options available can be seen as:

  • 1. Easy Option now = Trouble later:
    • Do little or no healing
    • Avoid taking responsibility for your life
    • Avoid changing your lifestyle and response to things for one reason or another.

This is a very difficult situation where there will not seem to be any way of getting relief. This will be mainly because you would continue the old ways of dealing with life that have not got any results–so it will continue the same way.

The end point of this course of action will be–abandonment of healing and further sinking into the material pool of suffering.

So this ‘easy option’ is very troublesome actually.

Change may be difficult because it is always easier to blame other forces and influences, transfer responsibility away from oneself and the need to actually take charge of one’s own life. This way I postpone corrective action.

  • The main governing issue here is: “I am unable to change myself or my way of doing things, but the universe (what happens in my life) must change itself to my requirements.” We can assure you that this result will never happen and you will find yourself at a dead-end.
  • 2. Better Option = Progress and then a plateau: Continuing self-healing, but not changing our lifestyle and response to situations unless really pushed and uncomfortable.

With this option at some time one will get the wisdom to take steps in harmony with the healing to change our actions which will change our life.

  • Here the governing issue is: “I will try and change the universe (things in my life) with healing without changing myself too much.”

The change will come when one finds the need to take a different route–a detour. Not the best, but a much better option than Easy Option 1.

3. Best Option = Continue healing and respond to the universe appropriately: by taking steps that may be difficult or one finds hard to change, start taking responsibility for what is happening in one’s life, and positive action to change things. Here the governing issue is: “I am willing to do whatever is necessary to change and heal my life.”

  • This is the best option because things must change in response to my changed karmic response to what is happening in my life.

Not taking personal responsibility = postponing relief
Healing of karma is a process of work over time. As long as we expect someone else to do the work–whether the Divine, the spiritual master, some miracle–we have no incentive to do the work needed. And it is this work of rectifying ourselves, healing ourselves that is most needed to get us out of the difficult situation we are in.

Without our taking responsibility for it we demonstrate no seriousness. Where we are not serious, the Divine also does not take us seriously. Sincerity is to be demonstrated by actions.

“Pure Devotees of the Divine”
Finally, if you study the history of the Divine, Krishna and the pure devotees you will find that each and every one of them faced great difficulties and obstacles in life. They did not have it easy.

They took responsibility for their actions while they depended upon and worked with Divine Grace, but did not expect the Divine to do their work for them. That is the example we need to keep in front of us.

We do not know if we are personally a pure devotee of the Divine, but we know that we work with blessings of pure devotees and the energy of the Divine in all that we do. We empower others to work with these energies similarly.

  • Whatever be the results of our actions and work–whether we like the results or not, we know that we are not creating binding karma when we include healing in everything that we do. This releases us from the karma syndrome.

Therefore so-called desirable or undesirable ‘immediate’ results as a standard of judging success or failure of healing become irrelevant.

The bottom line is that we are getting relief presently, and are freeing ourselves from further pains and the karma syndrome in the process of everyday actions.

  • Becoming connected to healing and the Divine does not mean that I shall be in a total state of anesthesia and feel no pain at all. It means that my pains will become less and Divine Grace will help me to get through my difficulties. It also does not mean that suddenly everything will be fixed in my life–and that too without my doing what is needed to help myself!

Be open to receiving
In order to receive Grace one must be open to it.

If we have been sitting in a darkened windowless room we may be told that outside the room is a brilliant light called the sun where everything is warm and illuminated. If we are unwilling to venture out, we will never experience the light and will keep speculating whether there is or not–all the while remaining where we are.

  • We need to walk with the light of the healing energies of the Divine empowerments of Reiki and the KQ Force, that come directly from the Source of All Sources that be.
  • We need to change the way we are functioning in our life–there are no further shortcuts beyond preparing ourselves to receive and accept Divine Grace.
  • Healing and changing our position and response to our life situation is the greatest shortcut of all for changing our destiny.

We are always willing to help you and invite you to walk with us in the light and be with the KQ Force. Your life will be blessed and transformed.

Nalin K. Nirula