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“Would my meditation practice conflict with your karmic healing programs?”

“I was referred to this website with regards to a medical problem that I have… I am an agnostic, and don’t believe in religious rituals but practice a meditation technique regularly. I feel that your program is more than just an alternative way to get out of one’s ills–it is a way of life, and a spiritual path as well. This is what has put me in a dilemma.

“My question is this–having done a meditation practice I do not want to create a conflict in my mind. I have seen it happen to friends where they have mixed two or more different practices of meditation and have become worse off than before. Hence perhaps I want some reassurance of the fact that it won’t happen.

“I would really like to participate in a program or meet with you, but I am unaware of any program that would fit me. I went through your schedule but there was nothing I could identify with. Awaiting your early reply regarding my doubts. Regards”–H. Modi, Noida


Karmic healing is not a religious system
Thank you for your detailed note and inquiry. None of our seminars require subscribing to any belief or faith, only faith borne out of your own experience of the practise of methods taught by us. It is not a religious system.

No conflict with other systems
Further, our methods are not known to be in conflict with any other self-developmental practice–be it secular, spiritual or religious. This is because ours is a non-sectarian approach.

KQ and healing are not ‘meditations’
Karmic healing such as with Reiki and the KQ Force is not a meditation as you have practised, but a spiritual initiation that empowers the individual to take responsibility for their own life and gives one the ability to change his karma deeply. As much as one is able to shift one’s karma working with the methods and the empowerment, to that extent results are experienced.

Karmic healing seminars allow you to take responsibility for changing your karma
As far as what kind of seminar would fit you–if you are wanting to change your life in the ways described on our website then we suggest you can do the KQ Force seminars (2 levels), and the basic level of Reiki.

  • The primary KQ Force seminar is organized at 2 levels–(1) Basic and (2) Advanced, to be completed within 120 days of the first level.
  • The 120 day gap is to allow people to see if they want to take responsibility for changing their lives using the empowerments they receive.
  • If the second part of the primary level is not completed for any reason within 120 days, then the empowerment lapses. (It can also be revived at a later date). There are further advanced levels also.

‘Doing things the existing way only perpetuates the existing.’
We cannot give you any reassurances as to what you would do with the empowerment and knowledge once you go through the seminars–those decisions would be yours alone.

However, many participants choose to change what they previously did in terms of their practices. It is a matter of individual choice. We have not seen any ill-effects arising from such choices, nor have any such been brought to our notice.

  • Old knowledge may often be in conflict with the new, but conflicts create new directions.
  • Doing things the existing way only perpetuates the existing.
  • New directions or different ways of doing things change situations, whatever may be the degree of struggle.

We hope you will be able to get the benefit of our karma-changing techniques. In the meanwhile we send you healing for your health condition for five days.

Blessings, love and light.

Nalin K. Nirula

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