Karma Blog Q and A 11

With so much bad luck in my life I am seriously considering suicide although I know it is not really a solution

Dear Madam/Sir
My whole life I have had very bad luck, both in love and in work and money matters. Although most women acknowledge I’m a good man, not a single woman has ever wanted me, because they feel no attraction for me, (while coarser, uglier ad less intelligent men can find a nice wife without problem).

It’s also extremely difficult for me to get a job. So I’m always poor while people with less qualifications and skills than me, roll without obstacles into these jobs I look for.

I’ve never harmed any one, always tried to help people, and always taken initiative to improve my life, but everything has gone bad for me. It seems that I have no power to change anything in my life, while I clearly observe that others DO have that power. Why is this so?

My Indian horoscope has predicted only bad luck in love, in money matters and in health, and at the same time (help!) a long life (which I’d rather not have, if it’s like this).

Although I know it’s not a solution, I’m seriously considering committing suicide now, because I can’t cope anymore. What would happen if I would finish my life? And (more appealing) what can I do to find a good job and a nice wife?–Alfredo, Krakow, Poland


“Do not wait for the ‘best’ situation in life–it may not come”

Dear Alfredo:

Please do not be disheartened at what you have experienced so far in your life. We are sending healing for you and see many good things coming for you soon. After December this year you will find a good female friend whose name begins with “___”.

You should take whatever job is available right now even if you think it is not worthy of you, because this will prepare the ground for you to get a very good job in July 2009. The best phase of your life will start from September 9, 2009 when your life will begin to change radically. You will get back at least 15 times what you lost in terms of opportunities within 3 years after that.

Please use the karmic healing methods as described on our website to change your karma and start helping yourself–you will get much relief very soon as we are also sending you healing.

With blessings, love and light,

Nalin K. Nirula