Karma Blog Q and A 7

“How to become one of the best healers of all time?”Gaurav Sharma, New Delhi


Dear Gaurav:
You can become the best healer of all time by healing your life and its time-line. As far as every individual is concerned, their time-line encompassing their karma quotient is what delivers all desirable and undesirable results in life.

Healing your world with the KQ Force
You can heal yourself and the world around in a single process by healing your karma with the KQ Force. You do this by healing your own karmic balance in the first instance.

By doing this, you directly and indirectly heal those others who are scheduled to deliver you the results of your karma. This way you not only heal yourself but the world around you.

The Force heals even when you do not directly ‘know’…
You may or may not always know who are the deliverers of your karma. However, just as you can see the visible deliverers of your karma changing their attitude and response to you, you can be sure that the others too are changing and have changed.

You can understand this by your life becoming happier, healthier, more fulfilled, stress-free. You can see this by the results.

How others’ karma is healed
How do you heal others’ karma by healing yourself? You do this by liberating them from the karmic binding consequences of what they do in relationship to you. You do this automatically when you heal your known or unknown karmic-exchange relationship with them.

In the process of self-healing, you are the best healer of all time. Not only do you free yourself from the future consequences of binding karma and the necessity for reincarnating and experiencing the karma syndrome, you help others to do the same.

Doing this, all healers can be the best healers of all time.

Love, light and joy–Be with the KQ Force.

Nalin K. Nirula