Karma Blog Q and A 9

“Do not be afraid to let go of what was– Be with what is.”

Hello Respected Sir,
I am enjoying every bit of the e-book. I am trying to improve my nature and lifestyle accordingly. After KQ, my life is changing rapidly but my business is not improving at all after doing a LOT of healings.

This bothers me at times. But then I follow your sayings and do my healings everyday. Please guide me what should I do and how to get rid of the negative karma. Thanks–Rachna, New Delhi.


Sometimes we need to look at our existing situation differently to get and idea of what we need to do for our betterment. This means looking at our existing situation as though we are looking at it as an outsider or as a person who has no personal interest in it.

When we do this we come to realize that there my be many things that need correction or change, but because we are emotionally and otherwise very close to our work, we are unable to see the errors, defects or shortcomings.

Take a new look at yourself and your work without criticizing or judging yourself and re-think your business strategy and workings. Healing your life and work also means being willing to change your ideas to be in harmony with the reality of whatever it is you are facing and wanting to heal.

Acknowledgement of the factual situation is of the greatest importance. This is because finally healing means to be in tune or harmony with the reality of what you are facing. This will necessarily mean changing the way you are presently functioning in your work and business.

The biggest obstacle to our progress is our own resistance to change. Flow with the KQ Force and the force of your karma.

Do not be afraid to let go of what was–Be with what is.

Blessings, love and light,

Nalin K. Nirula