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Additional method For KQ and Karma healers indicated at the end of this page.)

Go to ‘Change Karma’ for more healing methods with which you can further empower yourself.

Please note that this is not a ‘positive thinking exercise’ or meditation. There is empowered karma-changing work being done by the Healing Master Nalin Nirula and his team of healers during these times. During the rest of the week other healing support procedures are also being done by them.

  • Wherever you are on the planet at your local time you can join us in thought and receive karma healing help for any issues you may want to change or heal.

You can follow this guided healing empowerment audio to get empowerment for healing any situation, anytime from anywhere in the world.

Karma healing help method

  1. At the scheduled time you can sit in any comfortable position anywhere. Have in mind your problem or issue you want healed. You may find it helpful to make a short list and have it in front of you as a handy reference–Work with one issue at a time and after completing with it (step 6), you may repeat the process for another issue.
  2. Think of your specific problem and request for karma healing help for your problem/issue from the Healing Master Nirula at the times scheduled.
    • Visualize or connect with the purple light flowing from Master Nirula to you to remove the blocks in the path of your goals. Intend that your chakras are spinning in harmony with the chakras of the Master and you are receiving karma changing energies.
    • Especially request that you have the wisdom to act in a way to be in harmony with the work the healing energies are doing.
    • This is very important: If you continue to act as you have been doing earlier in the situation, you will usually not be able to maximize results.
    • In the past, acting in a particular way has been getting you a specific result. In order to get a different result you would have to act differently. The healing energies will guide you how to better your life with messages for you in your daily life. Just be open to receiving.
  3. Connect with beautiful green-gold energies that give you the wisdom and empowerment to act for your betterment. These activate your third-eye chakra just above the root of your nose, between your eyebrows, as well as the chakras at your temples.
    • Connect with the brilliant golden light radiating to you from the Master Nalin Nirula, and entering your aura body and physical body to heal and change your health in every way–physical, material, spiritual, karmic, financial and so on.
    • In your mind think of the result you want and affirm that this result has appeared in your life. You may visualize this happening, step-by-step, seeing what you have done to achieve this.
  4. Connect with the healing rays from the Master–The purple rays remove the blocks on the way to your benefits, while the golden empowers you and changes your karma for you to reach your goals through the grace of the Master.
    • A blue light descends from the Masters’ crown chakra to your crown chakra and down to the kundalini and root chakras.
    • The green-gold rays give you wisdom for your material and spiritual benefit. The blue light expands your material and spiritual karmic wealth. Experience this for yourself and know it to be true.
  5. Take your time to be comfortable with this process of shifting with the new energies this karma-changing healing brings.
  6. When you are satisfied with the process you can conclude by mentally expressing your gratitude and thanks to the healing Master Nirula and their karma healing help team, and the healing work they are doing.

Repeat this process for any other problem or situation.


  • Use the healing methods you have learned–start by invoking the karmic healing energies for this karma-changing work. You may combine methods or use one method. Keep it simple. Work at a pace comfortable for you.