KQ #11, Immortality and the 12 Strand DNA… Cheater and the cheated
May 08, 2009

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Immortality and 12 Strand DNA… The Cheater and the cheated… Way of the concealed light… The bottom line

Immortality and the 12 Strand DNA

While checking my e-mail recently I came across an advertisement promising to develop a 12 strand DNA in the body. Underground legend has it that geniuses like Albert Einstein have a 10 or 12 strand DNA while the normal DNA for humans is a 2 strand one. This last part is true while the 12 strand claim is speculative and unproven.
The DNA structure of the body determines genetic function and development of the body. It gives instructions to the bodily cells. The benefit of a 12 strand DNA was being advertised as the ability to get all possible benefits in all fields of life and living, especially canceling of inherited negative karmic contracts, as well as developing a deathless body and ‘becoming God.’

Understanding karma and DNA

  • Genetic development and predisposition is another way of saying that the DNA is the hardwired program of karmic predispositions of the body. Our physical-mental-emotional-spiritual development based on this, creates a ‘most likely’ scenario where we then tend to act in a particular way.
  • A major part of suffering karma to be experienced is coming to us through ourselves (adhyatmik taap)–the body, mind and emotions.

Our DNA structure (hardwired karma) is responsible for a large part of this.

  • More suffering comes from other living beings including as through fevers, infections, mosquitos, snake-bite (adibhautik); and actions of nature–storm, drought, flood, earthquake and so on (adidevik).
  • The author of the DNA website is seemingly a Reiki Master and disciple of Swami Yogananda’s kriya yoga system. He goes on further to ridicule the ‘love, light and clueless modality’ of so-called New Age healing methods in an obvious reference to Reiki.
  • The key point of the rambling techno-babble pseudo-science jargon was that “Immortality in the existing body is a possibility” and that each of us can become God.

The article went on to promise all kinds of miraculous results for things in life–all at a distance. The $100 distance healing sessions are termed as ‘auric cleansing’ and ‘karmic healing’, while the ‘DNA sessions’ including shaktipath initiations (also at a distance) are priced at $1,200. (In our book the Joy of Reiki we have examined this issue of ‘distance attunements’ and explained why it does not work.)

The Swami goes on to claim direct initiation by an astral-body ‘Babaji’ in the line of Lahiri Mahashaya about whom Yogananda Swami wrote in his Autobiography of a Yogi. This other bodiless Babaji also is said to have specifically given the information that is now on the website. In order to understand the information, one would probably need to contact the astral Babaji.

I read and re-read the charismatic Swami Yogananda’s book over the years, and it is a most inspiring and readable book even today. The dubious 12 strand DNA activators are far removed from his essential teachings as can be, and highly misleading in their advertisements.
Re-packaging and Marketing Immortality
Going through the 12 strand DNA website it is clear that they are only re-packaging Reiki, pranic healing, meditation and some kriya yoga techniques while claiming mystic initiation-empowerment of people at a distance.

  • What is interesting about the 12 strand DNA Session claim is the selling of the idea that one can get an immortal physical body within this lifetime in this universe. As a side benefit, it is claimed that one can become God.

These deranged, false and pseudo-scientific claims are based upon the benefits that are demonstrated to the subscribers by the unacknowledged Reiki or pranic healing methodolgies (‘aura cleansing’ and ‘karma healing’).

The Cheater and the Cheated… Way of the Concealed Light

In this day and age of kali–the iron age of quarrel and hypocrisy, there is an immediate relationship of attraction between the cheater and the cheated.

  • As one wants to be cheated, the cheater is immediately present. The principle of ‘like attracts like’ works very fast in this regard–especially here. The king of all cheating is gambling because it is not based on any kind of reality, intelligence or knowledge.
  • As one wants to be cheated, either due to overwhelming desires, ignorance, or a gambling mentality, the fulfillment of it is available.
    The critical question is, what is the intelligent thing to do?

Genuine karmic healing is the one window solution
Where one is connected to a genuine source of karmic healing and follows the methods and system, the desired results are immediately visible and experienced.

  • Wiping out bad karmic contracts that one has inherited is a secondary goal that follows naturally after the primary one–which is, to be connected to the Divine in a service mode.
  • Acting upon this understanding is true genius and high level of intelligence. Then gambling on developing a 12 strand DNA becomes totally unnecessary.

Way of the concealed light

One may not know, or may not be able to follow the many rules and regulations required for spiritual advancement in the traditional systems of spiritual development. Since a great many of the genuine systems are linked to religious process, one may not be a subscriber to such religiosity and lose out on the benefits.

  • Following the karmic healing systems of Reiki and the KQ Force gives the spiritual benefit without the need for subscribing to a religious system.

On the other hand one who is following a religious or an authentic spiritually-connecting system loses nothing by getting connected to a genuine system of Reiki or karmic healing such as the KQ Force.

This is because these karmic healing systems are non-sectarian and ‘non-religious’. These are integrally pure Divine spiritual energy systems of changing one’s karma in the service of the Divine, although in a concealed way.

This is the ‘concealed’ or hidden way of connecting to the Divine love and light radiance.

The bottom line

You do not have to be a genius like Einstein to sort out the genuine from the speculative and sentimental fantasy. Our recommendation is to assess a method or system of karmic healing by the following criteria, the first 2 being most important:

  1. Has the master’s life changed in the direction he claims others’ lives will?
  2. Are the students getting the results as stated by the healing master? If not, or if there is a vague promise of future benefits without demonstrable results, walk away.
  3. If the master passes these 2 criteria, then examine further—
  4. What is the qualification of initiating master; what school of learning does he belong to.
  5. Does the master follow, or does he reject or contradict previous bonafide authorities and systems, especially those he has progressed in? If he rejects or contradicts previous authorities, then he must be summarily rejected.

So finally, it is not difficult to find the genuine. One has to be prepared to let go of the gambling mentality and experience for oneself. One cannot be a theoretician but a practitioner.

We invite you to get connected to a genuine system of karmic healing near your area, whether it is Reiki or the unique KQ Force healing method.

If you are near our authorized teachers, and need to experience a healing for any reason–health, wealth, relationships or anything else, or to attend a seminar, do get in touch with them. If you decide to get connected through us, take a look at our current karmic healing seminar schedule.

We send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family–Be safe and be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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