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KQ #12, “Snaark Grace!” … Faith and results
July 04, 2009

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“Snaark Grace!” … The garden of healing… Faith and results … The bottom line

"Snaark Grace!"

One evening during my student days, a few classmates were sitting on the verandah of a Rajiv’s house in south Delhi. It was the rainy season and he evening was damp, cool and we sat overlooking the park. Rajiv had gone out for a ‘walk’, while the rest of us sat on the verandah drinking cokes. We suspected that Rajiv had gone for a quick toke of charas or hash, and we laughed and joked about it.

Suddenly Rajiv came dashing in from the park–all excited, waving his arms, eyes wide, face flushed and shouting,”Snaark Grace! Snaark Grace!” I thought he had some kind of mystic hallucinatory revelation. Or maybe just a weedy fit.

“What ‘Snaark Grace’?” we asked him trying to calm him down.

“There!” Rajiv rolling his eyes towards the park from where he had erupted–“Snaark Grace! Snark Grace!” It was funny in a way.

“It’s alright,” we said peering in the direction he indicated, “there is nothing there,”

“But-but-Snaark Grace is there I tell you!” sputtered Rajiv.

“Let’s go and see,” someone said.

“No! Don’t! Trust me–Snaark Grace!” Rajiv would not be pacified. By this time our concern for Rajiv was mixed with some hilarity because of the strange excitement and incomprehensibility of his words. “You got some special grace from your smoke?” piped up one of the group.

“No, no, no–it’s Snaark Grace!” shouted frustrated Rajiv. It finally dawned on us what Rajiv was trying to say. “Do you mean snake-in-the-grass?” we asked.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you guys–snaark grace!” The relief was clear in Rajiv’s face as he melted into a chair, wiping his face with his shirt. Naturally, the rest of us collapsed with laughter.

Why did I think of this now?

Snaark and the Divine

I thought of this because I frequently see people confusing Snaark Grace with Divine Grace and I daresay, the other way around as well.
Faith in the Divine or His grace is non-different from one’s daily activities. It is not a matter of blind faith after a certain point. There must be some demonstrable effect. Being connected to the Divine with spiritual empowerment provides the demonstrable result. Faith means the practical understanding of trusting the Divine no matter what is happening around us.
Spiritual strengths of karmic healing empowerments result in a demonstrable change in one’s life-situations and destiny. Accepting this spiritual connection, a healer is born.

Initially this is like a wonderful trick where one’s most painful problems are relieved magically and one’s deep desires begin manifesting. Lack of confidence and lack of self-worth starts to disappear, and the healer grows in his work of changing his life radically internally and externally.

As the goodly rain of Divine Grace showers the healer, other things also grow.

The Weed , the Snaark, the Garden of Healing

As the previously troubled healer begins to get a handle on his life, he becomes fearless and confident that the Divine will always provide whatever the healer wants.

This is the begining of the weeds in the garden of healing. Just as in the first rains of the monsoon, the weeds jump up in growth–bright and tall. These undesireable weeds appear to be the most excellent of plants, while actually crowding out the good plants.

This is a state of toxic thinking–intoxication.The novice spiritualist may throw out the useful plants and keep the weeds. The spiritualist forgets that he is also required to change his methodology in harmony with the change taking place within and the flow of Divine Grace.

So when the novice healer finds that the healing is no longer an unconditional wish-granting system–“Help–Snaark Grace!”, he cries, running off to the nearest cheater promising him great rewards for little or no exertion on his own part.

He forgets the lesson he learnt in his daily life, that, something for nothing never pays for long. And that is where he starts to lose the plot of his life. He struggles here and there mechanically trying to fix things with little success.

He falls into the material pool of despair. He loses faith and stops his life-changing spiritual healing practice. His pool of despair and suffering grows.

Faith and Results

Faith and trust in the Divine that exists even when there are no results in external things is a result of maturity in healing and spiritual evolution. This needs daily practise and daily tending to in the garden of healing.
Faith that vanishes like smoke in the slightest breeze of trouble is a sign of deep neglect of one’s healing and a rejection of Divine Grace.

This is also allowed.

It is called free will. It is the ultimate act of renunciation and generosity of Divine Grace. The Divine is willing to give up His desire to bring each soul directly to Himself in love, if the individual is not yet willing.

At the same time He continues to be watchful, offering opportunities again and again for each individual to come back home, to the eternal spiritual home.

The method is spiritual karmic healing and allowing the heart to change.

The bottom line

The heart must be purified in the blaze of love that flows from the spiritual empowerment creating faith and trust for the Divine. This can truly happen only when there is a practical experience of the reality.

Where there is no practise of these spiritual methods, suffering multiplies at every level–mental, emotional, physical and in life situations. The antidote is to re-start the spiritual healing of Reiki and the KQ Force.

Blind faith is no better than a snake in the grass that can strike venom at any unguarded moment to poison the growing creeper of devotion in the garden of healing.

Direct practical experience only can build lasting experiential trust and faith. This then requires no other validation from any other external source.
For this to happen one must freely act with loving healing intensity in one’s life to touch people around one on a daily basis. Friends, strangers, enemies–to all must flow our trust and faith in the protection of the Divine in our daily dealings. This faith is not separate from one’s daily actions.
It is a matter of a changed heart. Reiki and the KQ Force provide this much needed transforming operation. It is a daily practise of downloading wholeness, holiness and being bathed in Divine Grace.

We send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family–Be safe and be with the Karmic Healing energies of Reiki and the KQ Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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