KQ #14, Change the Colors of Darkness
January 09, 2010

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A Happy New Year to you!… Changing the colors of darkness…

Wishing You A Happy, Joyous and Successful New Year!

2009 was a difficult year for many, but with the blessings of the healing forces I am pleased to say that our students and healers progressed their lives greatly. With the KQ Force, Reiki and karmic healing techniques, personal difficulties and national disasters were overcome and healed.

We wish you well for 2010. This year will be challenging for most of us. Ultimately the doorways to our life’s opportunities can only be unlocked by divine grace–especially through karma healing methods. We encourage you to continue your healing practices with determination and if you have not yet explored these healing dimensions, we encourage you to do this now.

Changing the Colors of Darkness

Last month I put up a new personal website at I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal interests with others, and started with putting up some of my paintings and sketches.

A couple of days ago I was sharing with some of our healers that, in addition to our routine or daily work, each of us needs to do something very different for just the joy of it. Some healers shared that their daily life was a work and meditation on furthering their careers and they really did not have time for this.

  • This paints a somewhat sad and a rather unrelieved not-fun lifescape of seriousness. While many issues in life need to be taken seriously, life itself need not be a seriously heavy matter, but a journey to be colored, enjoyed and explored in the richness of experience it offers.
  • We can change the colors of darkness in our lives by adding colors of that which makes the heart happy and joyous. It need not be aimed at furthering our existing careers or occupations.
  • The really interesting thing is that when we do this, our careers and occupations are immediately elevated from the routine and dreary dullness of dead habit. Life takes on color and excitement. Our spirit is renewed and our way of looking at things refreshed and our work-performance improves.

Naturally, this additionally benefits our careers and occupations. Is this not another reason to give this a high priority on our list of things to do?

You can take up any activity or ‘hobby’ for the fun of it and explore the hidden talents that lie inside you waiting to be discovered.

Look at and discover what you enjoy doing. This exploration of layers your inner self will make you more complete as an individual of worth. And because you are doing this free from performance-pressure and re-discovering yourself you will enjoy it.

  • Don’t judge your work and continue your activity, and you will find that someone else will also enjoy it, find value in it and benefit from it. It could be art, music, cooking, a handicraft activity or anything that pleases you.

I didn’t think that my artwork had any significance beyond the enjoyment it gave me, but chance showed me that it had some value for others. During a spontaneous family-time activity we jointly made a small pen sketch which was sent for framing to an art gallery.

The owners of the gallery were quite excited to see it and said it was one of the most interesting and vibrant works they had seen in a long time. To my astonishment, while the framing options were being discussed, a number of visitors came up to ask who the artist was and whether they could buy that work or others by the same artist.

Out of this ‘chance’ event formed the idea of collaborative Nirula family art under the name “The Nirula Family Company”.

I do not know and nor do I care as to what will be the so-called artistic or commercial success of Nirula Family Art; but one thing is certain and definite–I shall have a lot of fun doing this, as will the other members of my family. And this fun and joy will translate into the spirit of the work and communicate itself to those who see it, coloring their life with these emotions as well. It will be a wonderful healing.

Look closely around you and inside yourself and discover the new colors of your life and spread these around in this new year of 2010.

We send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family for the New Year 2010–Color your life anew and be with the Karmic Healing energies of Reiki and the KQ Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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