KQ Newsletter #15

KQ #15, Going Home… Living my last life… Pascall’s Wager
February 13, 2010

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Going home… Living my last life… Pascal’s wager… The Action Plan

Living my last life

During our recent spiritual retreat the question came up, ‘if this is my last life how do I live? How do I conduct myself with others?’

An exploration of this possibility revealed aspects of action that would radically change the dynamics of every day life and living. It would also have a major impact on the storehouse of individual karma.

If we had the attitude that, this is my last life—even though I may not be sure of it, surely it would change our entire interaction with others and change the way we look at things. Consider this—you are a tourist in a foreign land, and you have been living like a permanent resident there. You are now notified that your permit to stay is about to be over—what would be your reaction?

Going home

If you were ‘going home’ where you were most comfortable, you would look at things very differently:

  • You might look at the ‘baggage’ that you have acquired over time and see what is important for you to keep, and the what can be left behind. In this case, it would include emotional baggage that we normally carry with us: the weight of attraction, of dislike, hate. It would include leaving behind the blaming of others which actually prevents one from doing whatever is necessary to fix the situations we find ourselves in.
  • You might look at how would you like to be remembered, or what is it that you would leave behind as a legacy.

While this may also be said of someone who is in contemplation of their bodily death, there are key differences.

Death and life

Although we see death around us on a daily basis, we tend to think and act as though it will not happen to us. On the face of it, this may appear to be an irrational belief when we see that everyone dies at some time. At the same time this apparent belief that we shall continue to exist beyond the body may not be so irrational.

In fact, this understanding is quite correct when we consider the true nature of our consciousness, which is: that our consciousness is constant, while the body housing the consciousness is subject to continual change and ultimate destruction.

In all of this, there is no evidence to suggest that the constant nature of our consciousness changes or ‘dies’ with the changing body. An assumption that the consciousness dies with the body is an unproven assumption only.

  • The evidence suggests rather, that the consciousness is subject to continuation in a suitable rebirth in a new bodily form. (For a detailed exploration of this subject go to this reincarnation article.)

While we may instinctively know that we shall not cease to exist at some level, we live as though we shall die because we equate bodily death as the end of everything. As explored in the reincarnation article, by your own experience you will know that the end of the body is not the end of you.

  • The conclusion from all authoritative sources, especially from those who are experts in the science of the spiritual (immortal) nature of the consciousness is this: that the immortal consciousness can and does reach an immortal zone of existence when it is freed from action that binds it to receiving consequences in the material zone of existence.
  • In order to become free of the binding karma special empowerment is needed that will change the momentum and nature of binding karma. At the same time the empowerment must ideally improve and enrich the individual existing life situations. Spiritual karma-changing empowerments such as Reiki and the KQ Force can do this for anyone.
  • There is no restriction by race, caste, color, creed, because these empowerments address the constant-nature soul-self consciousness that is of the same quality in every living entity regardless of the bodily form or situation. Such empowerments are truly benign and fully flowing with Divine Grace.

Cause of Dissatisfaction

Next, we move through our life in a constant state of search for that ‘something’ that will satisfy us, but we are invariably disappointed in our achievements. No sooner do we reach a goal, we look for something else, the expected satisfaction of achievement dissolves very soon. There is a powerful reason for this.
  • The underlying reason for all our dissatisfactions is, that, as beings of eternal consciousness, we are seeking satisfaction in things which are of the nature of the impermanent.

This seeking and experiencing of ‘mortal’ satisfaction is unable to satisfy the inner need of the constant nature which seeks satisfaction in a similar immortal energy such as Reiki or the KQ Force that are direct connections to the Source of all sources, the Supreme Divine Being—or call Him ‘God’ if you like.

Pascal's Wager or Gambit

The 17th century French philosopher Blaise Pascal postulated even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly, he has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.
Pascal’s thesis has been challenged on many grounds by other thinkers during and since his time.

However, if Pascal had thought of the evidence for reincarnation he could have definitively proved his theory through reason and available experiential evidence from his own life as well of others. Western philosophy has no or little concept of the theory of karma which is really the physics of the spiritual life element or consciousness.

An understanding of karmic forces is essential to develop sufficient knowledge on how to tackle the act of life and living in a complete way.

The Action Plan

Understanding the laws of karma, if we live our lives as though it is our last life and we are not returning to this zone of existence, then our attitudes and responses will change. If this is our last life in this zone of birth, death, old age, disease and re-birth, then many things previously important to us lose their significance and their power to disturb us.

  • If we know we are here for the last time then all the ‘bad things’ that happen to us are seen in a different perspective—they lose their sting. We can understand that this is a final balancing of our karmic books of account and we shall be free of the repeated cycles of birth and death.
  • Should we live our life this way, we would become more tolerant and more peaceful. We would not endeavor excessively for material gains and consequently live a happier life, more free from anxiety. We would give more time to connect with the inner immortal nature of our consciousness. This is extremely renewing to our spirit.

As an empowered being, you can live life as though it is your last, but not in desperation to cram in all the experiences and sensations you hanker for. Live with trust and joy–appreciate your world and its variety. Live life in confidence that you are winding up your affairs in this universe of transience and moving to your permanent home.

So if there are some inconveniences and troubles, deal with them and move joyfully through life. If you have unfinished business here then take care of that and keep moving on. You are part of a great creation, but here it is only a passing show. With Divine Grace you are going to your real home.

Wherever your karmic balance has placed you, live life fearlessly for you know that you shall never perish. We send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family.

Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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