KQ Newsletter #9

KQ Newsletter #9, Heal and Protect your Life Situation!
February 12, 2009

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Signs of times to come ... Healing and protecting your life situation... Avoid going off the deep end... KQ Force protects and heals

Signs of Times to Come

A few days ago the Director of a nationally popular and successful food chain came to see me. His company has a number of franchises for international brands in non-food areas as well, and the company was in the process of winding up one of these franchises.

Mainly, piracy and black-marketing of their products, and the brand owner’s business policies made it uneconomical for them to continue.

I asked him how the food business was doing. The answer was not encouraging. “Business is still good but there are less people buying. Sales are down. More people are losing their jobs and so they are unable to spend, while others seem to have cut back on spending–just in case they lose their jobs.”

Why is this significant?

The Food Confidence Index

Spending on food is a test of sorts–a confidence index, as it were. Over the years we have seen that when people are positive about the their life and future prospects, they would spend on eating out or call for a take-out meal.
This is changing now. The food confidence index is dropping–going off the deep end? Maybe. The smell of fear is growing stronger through the ranks of the urban elite who fear losing their present benefits in their jobs and profession. High net-worth individuals are seeing their wealth eroding.

The future seems unclear regardless of the assurances given by government agencies. One can see that things are much worse than what the government would have us believe.

So it is better to pay attention to what is happening rather than being lulled into a false sense of security by some public-relations or propaganda.

Avoid Going Off the Deep End

How does one protect oneself from going off the deep-end into fear, anxiety and possible financial disaster?

  • Each of us has a karmic bank balance of good and bad experiences due to come. For the most part one has some material manipulation plans for protection against a downside and ‘hope for the best.’ Unfortunately, such planning usually does not work well.
  • The workable solution always has been:
    • Heal and change your karma with a spiritual empowerment.
    • Be conservative in management of your assets and support systems– people, relationships, wealth and finances.

KQ Force Protects and Heals

  • If we get a special karmic empowerment such as the KQ Force and Reiki–we can maximize positive events (karma) in our lives while minimizing or eliminating the negative ones.
  • This is the experience of thousands of our student worldwide over the past 20 years.
  • Therefore it is of the greatest importance that we have this karmic or event healing capability and work with this to improve the quality of our lives in every way.

We have detailed many effective methods on our website with which you can immediately start to heal and change your life, even before you come to a KQ empowerment seminar. You can explore these karmic healing methods today. (Opens new window.)

  • If you need extra empowering help right away–get connected to the karmic healing empowerment energies to help yourself and family members, or come and see us for empowering solutions.

You can read more about these karma changing and healing spiritual empowerment seminars, an article about Reiki and the KQ Force.

Blessings, love and light for success, peace, prosperity, protection and progress in these times–the healing force is always with you, but you need to get connected and–Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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